Sarawak PRN12 ‘The Battle is on. Battle Royale and Massive Spoilers!!”

Kalau bukan kamek siapa gik? (if not us,who else)

The normal layman on the street and voter is so used to hearing those words come the,”season of election.”
PRN12 in Sarawak will not be short of excitement,slandering, frustrations,festivities all around the 82 seats on offer. The Voters will be the key to Petrajaya.

gps1The reality of course is Pakatan Harapan after wrestling the Federal government will be hoping that their Sarawak counterparts (pretenders to the throne of ruling Sarawak) can capitalise on the newfound power to take on Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) the ruling State Government. 

Going with the flow is of course Parti Sarawak Bersatu ( PSB) who will be massive Spoilers and other Sarawak local based Parties Parti Bangsa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDSB) Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) Sarawak Reform Party (STAR) Party Bumi Kenyalang (PBK).

We were made to understand  and have the list too with us that PSB (massive spoilers) has a list of 36 seats which they are targeting in place and from intelligence sources they are not far behind in finances as they are being financed by a huge conglomerate to the tune of millions.

Thus,It’s of no wonder that PSB is on a recruitment and expansion drive into the rural areas for the party to stay relevant  It does look like they are going into SUPP,PRS and PDP areas only and not intruding into PBB areas..

What actually is the political statement and intent here?

According to a political analyst these parties will be a threat if they decide to pull their resources together and combine into another Sarawak Coalition under Sarawak Baru. They all have their strengths too and they need to look at themselves as the dynamics have indeed changed.

History was created in May 2018 and the facts and statistics are there for all political strategists to compare and learn from where their mistakes were or for their winning efforts 

Lesson from GE14 where a 5% swing in the Malay Hinterland Areas in Peninsular Malaysia saw the Ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) Government losing power to the Opposition Pakatan Harapan Government for the first time.

The BN Safe areas votes where BN faced PH and PAS saw PAS taking a substantial chunk of the votes and deprived BN of the winning seat. Its a tough lesson and am sure BN knows that the new coalition of alliances which includes PAS is very relevant in the Malay heartland.

Its been proven though in the 3 by-elections but will the Majority of Malay Voters buy into this Partnership or New Ally for GE15?

We will not know till after GE15 so might as well we turn our attention to something more familiar and HOME Based which is PRN12. 

The crew and writers of audie61 have travelled extensively and experienced many State elections going back as far as to the ‘infamous MING COURT AFFAIR of 1987’.
When PRN12 is eventually called it could be 33 or 34  years since that episode.

Many of the younger politicians who started their Political careers have battle scars, battle grudges and are battle hardened. They will still be there in PRN12 and they will have a say or two.
Of course PH Candidates  will definitely use a slogan …lets put some creative words in their mouth..,”If not now when again. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Didn’t DAP use the POKEMON GO advertisement to their advantage then? Heard they are using the Marvel Studio and Avengers symbol for Sandakan? Is this true? Hope not, as they might be in for a serious breach of patent.

We know fairly well that Just about anything that catches the eye of the voter is being used to draw the voter to mark the election slips.

A too familiar war cry which will entice and ensure their candidates are on the winning side is all political propaganda and their strategists needs to know the real feel and touch point on the ground zero.

The propaganda team can create the most outstanding video,caricature,e-poster various free gifts to symbolise the coalition but ULTIMATELY the candidate is the most important factor the voters to choose.

The fact remains now and the voters and political analyst knows that the political climate in Sarawak has indeed gone up a few decibels.

PBB being the strongest party with 46 ADUNS heads the new SARAWAK Coalition of GPS with PRS 11,SUPP 7,PDP 4.

GPS left the BN Coalition for the greater good of Sarawak and most obviously to put a foot into the body of opposition in Pakatan Harapan Sarawak (PH) 
PH is made up of Peninsular based parties and the assemblyman that represents them are no doubt Sarawakians but they still have to toe the line in the party hierarchy and answerable to them.
It’s a win/lose situation for them come PRN12 as the SARAWAK SENTIMENTS are extremely high with all the numerous U-TURNS by PH on SARAWAK affairs which gives more than an edge to Sarawak based parties in GPS and to a certain extent in PSB or to Sarawak Baru parties.

It’s harsh to say that the chips are down for PH Sarawak as unfulfilled promises are not addressed from economy, fuel prices, new taxes and cost of living. They cannot used their own too familiar rhetoric and stage showed ceramahs to hook-winked the urban areas.

The rural areas the GPS government will still be attacked by the opposition in PH prioritising on NCR and Crony Companies involved. The local based parties will use their own personal influences that they are better in representing them in the constituency rather than the incumbent GPS assemblyman/woman.

The option is there to attract the  voters and they will know who is more than capable to represent them in Petrajaya. This is not a sweeping statement and the right strategy and the reality of deliverance of the Incumbents will ensure they are safe.

If not, they will simply be shown the door and this is the fairest statement from a constituent. Forget the ceremonial hoo-haas as Sarawak is on a threshold of something new and new leaders will appear and be elected but the veteran and experience will also have their say on the future of Sarawak.

The jigsaw to wrestle control for the State from PH Point of view looks complicated or does it? There are many issues,factors and so much political work still to be done.

It’s not all gloom or doom for all the political players in PRN12. According to a senior politician he puts it down to strategy and how each coalition uses the right method of deliverance to ensure the votes stays or goes to their candidate.

It’s so different and not the same for GPS now as their Wings have been clipped without Federal Intelligence and Agencies on their side. PH will have over 30 or more agencies with them. PH will need to know how to use this to their advantage and word has it that they are looking at denying 2/3rds Majority for the ruling GPS .

Of course, this must not be complacency on GPS side and they need to up their ante and put up a formidable fort and  protect what is theirs. It’s going to be tough and we know that the political situation have changed.

However, it does get rather interesting with PSB ( Parti Sarawak Bersatu) not in any of the coalition.

Are they playing spoilers or could they be doing it for their own Survival? The talking point is obvious and for the Chief Minister to subtly put it that there are “TERMITES” in their midst and the fact is that’s looking at it POSITIVELY with PH also a real termite biting away.

Coming to CM’s defence is that he knows that the threat is real as he will be leading the TEAM GPS for the first time as Commander in Chief. He will need his Generals and lieutenants to be on top of their Political game to fend off all the advances from all angles.

The Sarawak Sentiments is very strong and how long will it last will be up to the parties to capitalise. The Battle is On and given all the considerations and concerns GPS will still have the upper hand but they must not let their guard down.

In Politics anything is possible and the Strategists for all the parties will need to be on top of their game and that might be it.

Nothing is bizarre when it comes to the Voters who will have the final say in the ballot boxes for PRN12.

The 1.2 Million voters throughout the 82 seats will determine the Government of the day.

Be Warned ……


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