Bread and Butter Issues…!!!

Our columnist friend sent us this article from an Observer and he says we should share this for the benefit of Sarawakians at large. 

It’s pretty interesting and he has some good points and we extract fully for all to have their own opinions on this issue.


Bread and Butter Issues Matter of Concern

aam1Almost a year has passed after PH Government took over from BN the market but the FEEL GOOD FACTOR seems somewhat missing.

Malaysians young, middle age and elderly who had high hopes of better and comfortable living are feeling the pinch of rising costs in the Country. The much touted and election propaganda of oil prices dropping to RM1.50 which saw a considerable swing for votes has not materialise and to many its political “HOT AIR” just to win votes.

PH have done the unthinkable by ousting BN but what remains is that according to an emeritus professor,” Do they have the know how to turn the Economy Around to benefit the people?”
Even the man on the street are complaining of their favourite chicken rice prices which have sky rocketed. Even if maintain the portioning has also been greatly reduced.

This is not in an established restaurant but in chicken rice shops around the country. 50 cents or a dollar is nothing much for the rich and famous but for the average family of 5 that would mean extra BURDEN.

When established learned professionals are rolling out their drums and beating it LOUDLY there are causes for concern.

A well read newspaper in Malaysia had published these statements from,”Universiti Tun Abdul Razak lecturer and programme director of its Global MBA Program, Dr Barjoyai Bardai, said Pakatan needed to roll out an economic master plan for the next four years as many people were still waiting for a clearer direction on the economy.

Even an Executive Director from Malaysian Institute of Economic Research Dr Zakaria Abdul Rashid said there was an urgent need for the government to implement measures to stimulate the economy and deal with concerns over rising prices.

Zakaria added that although there was a price deflation, worries over the cost of living had not been fully addressed.

How about what the millions of Malaysians who have very little say in running the Government and they have to just work extra jobs to just to put FOOD on the table for their families?

It’s of no use to blame the Former Barisan Nasional government of misdeeds, misappropriation or misjudgement in the economy.

The People of Malaysia does not want Excuses and the Blame Game.
They want remedies and its “Broken, Fix it” and moreover we voted you in there so that our daily bread and butter needs can be taken care of.

We can talk and compare individual prices before Barisan Nasional or now under Pakatan Harapan but the fact of the matter the following items in the market for eggs, chicken rice, vegetables, fish , bread, cooking oil, daily needs and essentials for the family are seeing a shift upwards instead of Spiralling Down.

You cannot expect Malaysians just to eat salt and rice or to some who can afford a bit more just instant maggi mee everyday before the worse is over.

The Government of the Day needs to address this issue very seriously and don’t push fingers back to the previous government.

We as a consumer and also concerned Malaysian citizens are not saying it just to bad mouth or trash the government of the day in PH. There should not be comparisons to halt the ever increase of prices in daily essentials.

This is an opinion of things and this is not target or HIT OUT(‘Bante jak’ Bahasa Sarawak).

We are not doing it, what’s in our mind and not for Political Mileage because its Real.

The Observer
(The views expressed here are those of the author or contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of BITES)
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