Sarawak”The Target Group”

After the successful historic launching of the GPS Logo and the Convoy Rally across Sarawak covering  the full distance from the Northern tip of Sarawak to the South criss-crossing divisions the message is clear.

The Hard work begins now if not it already has begun. 

The Reality has Set in and that Sarawak GPS is on its own. 

A political analyst added this comment,”We must be conscious on our effort what is happening now rather than constantly compare it with the past. Sarawak Parties were massively spoilt at that time under the BN umbrella

It’s a GOOD THING that they have removed themselves from the clutches of a Federal Coalition.  They will be FEARS but its a good sign as we all know.”FEAR COMES FROM THE PURSUIT OF SURVIVAL.”

During times of political uncertainties GPS needs to be aware of the challengers ahead and pin point areas of concerns in weaknesses and also to capitalise on their strength of a ruling Sarawak Government. Doing so they will be triumphant and victorious when the next State elections are called.

It’s not easy but the leaders within the coalition will know how,what and when to use these strategies.

The 82 Seats on offer will have their own sets of problems and to a attain winnability will very much so depends on the respective coalitions and also fielding the right political candidates involved for the people to represent them for the next 5 YEARS in the State Assembly..

Senior PBB Vice President of PBB Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof who was a former PBB Youth leader praised the organisers for a job well done but echoed that ,”GPS would go to all villagers across the state in the hope of making sure the people of Sarawak are and will be with GPS.” 

A PBB assemblyman chipped in and said most of the GPS YBs if not all ,”they have not stop working and the State Authorities are the ones now who needs to ensure that their works are delivered and executed.

He has also identified his own areas of weakness and knows that there will be tremendous onslaught from the PH side. He is working on the ground,engaging and ensuring that his constituency and constituents will remain with GPS.

Past Data’s going into PRN12 he said are guidelines for figures and facts but Political Perception will have a major and determining factor.

We must walk our talk.

The Question on the Ground would be,” 

If GPS delivers the people will not want to change just for change?

He uses the analogy,” To govern a country,enrich the people first. A country where people are happy and able to live together is easy to govern. A country where there is political chaos it is difficult to govern. 

How do we know it’s true?

Sarawakians love their country and they respect the government which has looked after their needs and wants and do not want political uncertainties to govern their daily life.

CM Sarawak Abang Jo reiterate during his speech at the launching,” Today under the Leadership of GPS we are going to lead Sarawak the Sarawakians way only by Sarawakians, and most importantly to continue fighting and safeguarding Sarawak rights.

He was very BOLD AND CLEAR to also say this,” We are now a Partner to MALAYA we can still work with them including the Federal Government but as long as our rights are protected.

The FEEL GOOD Statement by the CM and the celebrity launching is all good and well but there remains areas of concerns.

A journalist at the PBB Wanita Press conference did not mince her words when she asked the PBB Wanita Chief Fatimah,’Increase membership. Is there any target? Is this for WOMEN only?

The Wanita Chief did not answer her question on the real membership strength of the wing but instead quoted the full membership of PBB.

Journalists we all know are hell bent to get the answers to fill the pages for their tabloids and to please their editors and sensing a killing some are persistent to ensure they get what they want which is also their TARGET.

The PBB Wanita Chief however was quick witted and her political acumen came into play when she immediately replied and deflected the TARGET question,” Mesyuarat ini we discussed on the game change in the  political scenario. The Focus activities from now until election  time and our strength is to make sure that the CONFIDENCE..SEMANGAT yang ada,harus sentiasa berkorba-korba tidak ada runtuh, sehingga Pilihan Raya yang akan datang.

There will be many challengers and concerns for GPS as the PH Coalition targets mostly on political questions to try to derail and create shoddiness for the ruling GPS assemblyman/women.

PH  knows Sarawakians are highly intellect and are not ‘fools to just be entrapped” but they will do their utmost to try to create political perception and propaganda to sway the target group to their advantage. 

917ff26c-b956-4489-9939-3d8791dfc8ffA former Minister in Charge of Social development for a good 12 years and currently still an assemblyman in Pakan was asked to comment on this subject matter.

He said ,”Firstly,he congratulated the youths in Rentap,Snowdon,Allen for taking the initiative and carrying out the rally road show. We must also not forget Michael Tiang from SUPP and Robert Ayu from PDP and also those in the wanita wing who was also very significant in the roles they played throughout the course of the rally. 

Secondly,this Tidal Wave Movement has a Rippling effect and he continued that we must be consistent and also reach out. Have we really reach out to the Youth which WE MUST. NEVER MISS OUT THE TARGET GROUP.

He cautions that if we miss out on the youth which covers young men and women who will be voting in the PRN12 there will be problems a plenty.

We often hear the people saying that it is tantamount to “SEMUA SYIOK SENDIRI SAHAJA” so the TARGET VOTING youth is still top priority for GPS and a membership drive and detailed breakdown is a necessity to remain relevant for the people to vote us back in.

If all the figures are correct and the GPS ruling government executes and delivers all its promises there is no reason whatsoever for the people to reject GPS.

The Rally which is a success and now the hard work plus engagements at all levels with the constituents must be ongoing . Coordination and communication remains very important elements for this PRN12.

The present assemblyman must be on the ground to deter any advantage whatsoever to the PH . In other words now,’It’s hands on and ensure the TARGET group remain safely as votes in the bag. 

CM Abang Jo says the assemblyman from Pakan hit the right note for Sarawakians to ponder on,’ Sarawak unlike Peninsular does not have extreme politicians and the state has been fair to all irrespective of race.

We respect and understand one another. We have to preserve such Sarawakian way of lifestyle.

Mawan himself is a true advocate of multi racial society living harmoniously together and he also praised the GPS Chairman and Chief Minister for this statement.

No doubt it will be hard work and testing time for all GPS assemblyman but getting the right mix and the TARGET GROUP will ensure that they will survive and continue to serve the people of their constituencies.


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