“Lest We Forget, Tengok Belakang Sikit”


Even before the Grand Launching of Gabungan Parti Sarawak ( GPS) the stage has already been set for demands to be met to appease certain members of the coalition. 

It has been reported widely and commented also by political analysts in the news media, political blogs and it does seem to be cornering the dominant party in PBB.

The coalition partners in GPS are trying their utmost to arrest the shortcomings in the beginning even before ‘negotiations” are tabled to be discussed. In short according to this headlined:-



Didn’t we hear the this kind of statement being uttered previously by the President of PDP towards his coalition partner and its extracted fully from the print media dated October 26th 2018,”it is shocking that a leader of one of the component parties decided to rock the boat instead of consolidating the ruling coalition’s power.

Tiong, who is Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) president, said this when asked for his reaction to the recent outburst by Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Tan Sri James Masing when demanded for more even distribution of state seats among the GPS component parties.”

We refresh our readers further with this extracted statement

“Masing said there should not be a dominant party in GPS having more than half of the assemblymen in the State Legislative Assembly.

Masing pointed out that GPS must allow other parties to be involved and have their say.

In response, Abdul Karim, who is PBB vice-president, said: “If PRS feels that being a part of GPS would be too unbearable, they can always politely opt not to be a member

“You cannot call yourself a friend but at the same time tell your friend off. There are limits that PBB can take.”

Karim is spot on when he said this ,”These matters are supposed to be discussed in closed-door among ‘members’ who aspire to to be part of this coalition.

He meant it very well in a political sense as he does not want the dirty linens to be hung up for the opposition to capitalise. 

According to an Emeritus Professor he questioned the “operatives behind” the statements of the Party Presidents. They could be drilling into their minds by even having the audacity of equal distribution of seats amongst the 4 Parties.

Could this Happen,”82 seats divided equally amongst the 4 parties?”

Of course it will be far fetched and don’t rule this out as GPS is venturing into the unknown too.

Wan Junaidi, a former federal minister and former PBB supreme council member was also quoted to have said,”There is no point getting more allocation of seats but lose them to the opposition,” 

An aide to former MP Saratok even added in that PDP according to informed sources is none existent after the last GE14.

The party in Saratok area is as good as giving a free ride to PKR to win “tanpa bertanding in PRN12”

What has the party done to wrestle back Krian? What’s the Plan for the Saratok area in Totality?

They talk about the seats and trying to claim which are won by now the PBB incumbents in Bekenu, Batu Danau and Pakan. They have named SG Balan Rining to wrestle back Ba’kelalan from PKR Incumbent and Federal Works Minister in Baru Bian. 

I ask the party to “TENGOK BELAKANG SIKIT”

What happened in the last PRN11 and GE14?

It was also the “Last March for Barisan Nasional Coalition in Saratok, and in Malaysia” 

The party losts to PKR Ali Biju in the State Seat PRN11 and also the Federal Seat in PR14.

bn3The aide continued by quoting State Minister and also Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (BPP) vice president Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah,”

He said PDP president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing was trying to rock the boat when indicating that PDP would not only be reclaiming three seats – Pakan, Batu Danau and Bekenu – from PBB but also aiming to stake claim on two others held by other components of GPS.

“I fully agree (that Tiong is rocking GPS boat). I hope PDP and Tiong (also Bintulu MP) could think more towards winning for GPS than just for their own (PDP) only.

PDP now holds only three state seats – Tasik Biru, Marudi and Meluan and they should concentrate their resources on maintaining these seats instead of going all,”‘gungho” by the “operatives behind.”

We know that it is the parties right to request for its’ traditional and former seats but it must be done through closed door and consensus.


Many are using this technology to convey the message across first and create a ripple effect. 

SUPP too has come out openly to claim Opar,Mambong and Engkilil and Dr,Jerip who is Deputy President of Party Bersatu Bersatu (PSB) has said he left it to the wise decisions and full confidence of the Chief Minister for accommodating the GPS plus members.

GPS knows that it is a daunting task as it faces the next State elections as PH Sarawak has the full backing of the Federal government.

Every seat is now crucial for GPS and “lest we forget” about the lessons learnt in the last GE14.

When we wrote the article,”


we asked a Senior member of the GPS fold for his political insights and statement. He said for GPS to maintain relevance in Sarawak and especially to the rakyat,”There must not be Personal Feelings or Glory or even Individual Component Parties Pride going into PRN12.

There must also not be questions on how to run the coalition by openly fighting in and out and also within the parties involved and making terms to suit themselves.

This would be a clear cut for death.

Currently, the GPS ruling coalition controls 72 out of the 82 seat in the State legislative Assembly.

We certainly do not want a spilled over effect and if this happens it will be also a Last March for…..


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