“Battle of Imagination”


The Euphoria and Happy Faces of the people have since Vanished into Thin Air after the “promises” which saw to the fall of the former ruling Federal Govt. The war of ‘specifics” into the 20%, Petronas and the ding dong battles between GPS being PH Friendly in Federal and Opposition in the State does not bode well with most Sarawakians.

The prices of daily essentials are biting hard into the wage earners and as one housewife puts it,”TAK ADA GOSTAN.MASIH SAMA LEH“.This is the TRUE VOICE of the people and the gentle breeze and the leaves moving on the trees are a signal of a political earthquake which will reverberate throughout Sarawak come PRN12.

Even Parliamentarians at the 14th Parliamentary sitting are voicing out in their address “KOS SARA HIDUP MENINGKAT” 

Our source a Political Professor said,”We cannot ignore nor ridicule these remarks. The sentiments of the people will eventually turn into a CYCLONE and sweep you off the feet and your safe abode.”

The Masses of People will not Listen to Reason and they will win the ARGUMENTS just based on their own SENTIMENTS.

Good sense,Sound judgement and Reasonable thoughts are being overtaken by Passionate Emotions plus a single track mind.

aasb.jpgOne local based party in Party Bumi Kenyalang are listening to the voice and intentions of the people have expressed their desire to be part of these SARAWAK BARU coalition

This emergence of this new Coalition which is taking shape is mainly due to the oversight or too self-centric of both Federal and State Governments. 

This force who have fought elections on their own sees the opportunity in an “AMALGAMATION” of local based parties and are housed in ” Sarawak Baru” with the tagline “Sarawak for All Sarawakians” is gaining momentum.

They might have just hit the very heart beat of the people as earlier movements “SARAWAK FOR SARAWAKIANS” and other NGO’s have shown them the way and they have capitalised it fully by using it as “FOR ALL” which covers everything which will obviously be dissected for interpretations.


Political Coalitions in PH or GPS will say,”AREN’T WE DOING THIS NOW?”  

SARAWAK BARU sees the prospect of being part of the NEW GOVERNMENT in 2021 as GPS AND PH will go head-on but they will be the eventual “winners”

Hypothetically our source says,” if this situation happens GPS wins 38 seats PH 30 SB 14 there will be the Unity Government made up of either GPS + SB or PH + SB.

This will not be an Alternative to both PH and GPS in Sarawak. The Battle of Imagination as in Politics we know its how they package it to win even ‘that single vote” 

At this precise moment when SENTIMENTS is at its peak anything is possible and the magical figure of passing the post in Sarawak is of course 42.

The Light Breeze will turn to a cyclone as Judgement Day in politics “Election Day” will reveal the truth. 

The Masses of Sarawak Voters know that the government of the day now cannot rely on the “uniform bodies” to give them a head start. With Pakatan at Federal the changes are imminent and spelt out clearly,”We are Clean”

The people will have the choice n its not about GPS, PH or SB. It’S about Sarawak and who will represent them in DUN.

In DUN Sarawak the language to use can be Bahasa Malaysia, English or Iban ( Former Pelagus Yb George Lagong) did this but he had to sit out the last election in 2016 due to a very bad accident . He has since recovered and says he will be back in 2021 if his health is at its peak.

The Sentiments are there and as per the Political Professor he says,”We need to scan to the furthest reaches of one’s thoughts. We need to join forces be it old heads or new and also those who are right or left of the political spectrum.

At a recent forum,”The End game” stand off with Petronas in the context of re branding  of Malaysia by Zainnal Ajamain a participant requested that Politicians be left out of committees as they are the causes of what the country has become.

This of course is his opinion and some heated exchanges were heard. Politicians are those who will pass the bills and we need each other 

The voice of the people and the sentiments are indeed boiling with intensity and even though we have a MALAYSIA BARU the changes are not felt on the ground.

There is still too much rhetoric and broken promises.

The statement below by PBDSB clearly shows the REAL FEEL on the ground in certain constituencies be it rural or in the urban areas. There are statistics and facts on where the seats they will win marginally or handsomely and at the moment they are looking at 14 but it might be more. Of course he will not reveal his strategy for GPS nor PH to see. 

PKR at the last State Elections won 3 out of 40 or more seats they contested. If they win 14 out of 82 that is a victory for the people who want them. 

PBDSB president Cobbold John Lusoi disclosed plans that his party is mulling the setting up of a third force in Sarawak in response to the changing political landscape in the state after the May 9 general election.

According to Cobbold (photo), his party is looking into engaging with the Star, the United Peoples Party (UPP), Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK), the Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) and the Sarawak Peoples Energy Party (Teras).

He had said the new opposition coalition is aimed at keeping both the Harapan and GPS coalitions in check and will seek to be the “favoured alternative pact.”

PH or GPS will know that they are not having things their way as the issues which are cropping up will turn in favour of ” SARAWAK BARU”

The so called political lobbyists/financial arm who are looking into viability of their investments will know that this Coalition is for real and they will have their returns in investment. Their economic financiers will also inform them that the SENTIMENTS are there to be capitalised.

In all the 82 constituency the GPS and PH are trying to win over their loyalists and be true to their political struggle BUT the injection of this Unified Force ‘SARAWAK BARU” the chess game has since changed into what lies”under that Poker card”

It’s no more a manoeuvring of which party will win this seat or that or who will win. It has turned very much to a “BATTLE OF IMAGINATION” by what the voters want and no one can take that SARAWAK FOR ALL SARAWAKIANS away from their hearts.

The voters request what is due to them and nothing more, nothing less.

PH and GPS has a lot to fulfill and they cannot take anything for granted.

At the tip of some of the voters tongues the voices are already coming out as “SARAWAK BARU

You will soon realise how Powerful the Coalition will become come 2021…..