PBB Vice President “Thank You for Your Thoughts”

The small gesture of invitation to other local based parties have earned political maturity and praises from both TERAS SG Banyi Beriak and PBDS (Baru) President Cobbold John to the Vice President of PBB.


In a worded statement released it reads,”Convergence of mind. TERAS and PBDSB. A small step toward a better alliance, Sarawak Baru. We thanked YB Annuar Rapaee for the thoughts. To start with….TERAS, PBDS, STAR and hopefully other Sarawak based Parties with the same mind and singing the same tune with us will converge together to form the new Hopes And Entity, SARAWAK BARU (SB).

PBB Vice President words extracted from a local daily,”“As long they are in line with our (GPS) struggle, why not?” said Dr Annuar, when responding to a query if GPS is inclusive and ready to take in other local parties.

“Let us see how GPS is being formed first then only we will invite. Actually now we want to unite the four (ex-Sarawak BN components) first. Let GPS get itself formed legally. At the moment we are not registered with the RoS (Registrar of Societies).

“After we are formed legally then only can GPS be opened to others. Same goes to PH – opened to others,” he stressed.

Will this be the New Political Landscape for the upcoming elections in 2021?

The coalition parties of GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) and a New Coalition SB (Sarawak Baru) to take on PH (Pakatan Harapan} or SB together with PH taking on GPS?

It remains to be seen and no matter what happens the Voters will have the final say on the outcome of PRN12.