Politically the Message to their Pakatan Harapan Partners is simple .” In Sarawak we DAP hold the key to wrestling the State from the Ruling Government of Gabungan Parti Sarawak.(GPS)

adapLike it or not 29 Seats we claim first 40 to PKR 13 to Amanah  That leaves the Prime Minister’s party PBBM (Bersatu) in Sarawak as Zero (0). According to our sources in the political field most of them see that as very DISRESPECTFUL AND THERE SEEMS TO BE A PERSONAL AGENDA OR REVENGE of some sort?

This was extracted from online media,”Chong, who is also state Pakatan Harapan chairman, said he could not see another PH component Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) to derail the DAP suggested equation of seats because Bersatu would be in the state only to open up branches and help them win the next state election.”

According to an emeritus professor ,”there is nothing wrong in stacking a claim but if its done in an ill conceived manner there will be political repercussions. DAP might live to regret the words spoken out .”

DAP is making their first move and the 29 State seats is theirs to lose and its up to PKR and Amanah to divide the remaining seats with PBBM if they so wish .

Isn’t this good news for the ruling government in GPS or Sarawak Baru (SB) the other local parties coalition ?

DAP have spoken and its up to all the other parties to interpret their intentions. The Political Message is Crystal Clear….