Abang Jo is CM Sarawak today and Will Lead GPS in PRN12

Sometime in May 2008 these words were uttered to audie61 when we paid a visit to him at his office to invite him for a dinner function,”

ajazMay 20th 2008 

I was told once by the Housing Minister that his voters in his area(10835) are more concerned about market forces affecting their daily lives than development promises. The Minister said at one ceramah a voter even asked him about the “Stock Exchange.”

Goes to show that we live in an era where voters in our areas know what they want. PBB and Parti Keadilan you will have to “Work Hard” to win these seats come 2011….

2021 is exactly 10 years apart from 2011 and Tun Taib has since retired from active politics and today is the Governor of Sarawak while Adenan Satem is sadly gone as he passed away in office after winning the 2016 State Elections.

BN Sarawak has since resigned from the Federal BN and has since formed a Sarawak Coalition made up of former BN4 Parties of PBB,SUPP,PRS,PDP. The Chief Minister according to inner sources from PBB does want ‘Inclusiveness” and not only to have the 4 parties. A formal invitation will be made to parties who will subscribe to the “Sarawakian Call for more Autonomy from the Federal Clutches of Power’

In simple terms Sarawak will want to work closely with the Federal Government but to have more say on issues which affects the State of Sarawak. The Federal Government today is Pakatan led Government and the old regime of BN is ‘history”to many Malaysian voters.

When Azmin Ali the PKR strongmen in 2008 spoke at the Grand Continental Hotel where audie61 was present  of ‘infighting’ within coalition and parties” he struck the right chord amongst the many youths who were present. Somehow, he must have been tutored right and amongst many other challengers he stood tall and fought his way to be the Menteri Besar of Selangor and today is the Economics Minister of Malaysia under the Evergreen 93 year old Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir’s cabinet.

Who would have thought this would happen in 2008 and in 2018 BN defeated against all ODDS at the hands of PAKATAN HARAPAN?

CM Abang Jo needs all his trusted men not to curry flavour to him but to speak the truth on what the rakyat wants and needs. The politics today have changed for the better and to maintain the Sarawak stranglehold he will have to face up to the challengers which are ‘not new” but needs to be addressed in totality for Sarawakians to understand his leadership.

What strikes us to write this article is this piece by a renowned journalist James Richie is someone who tends to venture into areas where many feel threatened that is ‘their nasi periuk” will be “pecah”

You read and analyse this below and Baru Bian is echoing a political war cry of some significance.

Interview with Baru Bian: May 2018

Q: What were the issues that helped you win?

A: Well, a lot of combined factors. I think one we must recognize that the issue of Datuk Joseph Entulu’s sacking and the other headmen. I think a lot of people are aware, or some are aware, even previous to his sacking there were hundred plus headmen (tuai rumah) and four penghulus who were in fact, kind of terminated from their services, and that have angered of course some people on the ground. And that was previous to the sacking of Entulu and Nyalau and three other supreme council members. So that is one, we must recognize. The other thing is that, in fact, a lot of people felt that NCR is no more an issue. Apparently, it was still very much alive in Selangau. Now, I was quite surprised when I went there, the clients that I acted for 10 years back came and told me, you know you fought for us, we won, the land is now ours, and now we are harvesting the kelapa sawit (oil palm), and in fact now a lot of us are even driving one, two hilux you know, and they (the Ibans from the Selangau area) were very happy with that.

Isn’t that enough to tell us that the 82 seats now when in 2021 the elections are called there will be some heavy casualties. What needs to be done by Abang Jo and his team?

The age of technology is far more advanced today than in 2008 and in 2 years time it will be even more “canggih” Don’t tell the youths or middle class about “DIGITAL ECONOMY” and they know better than us. They live in this age and anything that moves or they can smell will bring the government of the day to its knees.

Not only the Ministers but also the Backbenchers on the government side accordingly must be well trained to answer to the needs of their constituents and DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ENGAGE with those who send personnel messages to them.

Oh..!! By the way, this is not sarcasm  have they heard of PLEASE REPLY….unless as Abang Jo puts it in 2011 how to answer to a “PUSA?“.

Of course,the FACEBOOK is the main and most versatile social media being used by Sarawakians at large.

Don’t though for once rule out #twitter #instagram #telegram #whatsapp as they too are very efficient tools of communications. and are very important.

Azmin Ali, Baru Bian are much younger than CM Abang Jo but the CM will need his young and able YB’s who are his lieutenants to engage fully with the ‘cyber warriors” who were formerly opposition in the Federal side but now are the Federal government of Malaysia.

They know the cyber warfare more than our local cyber teams but that doesn’t rule out that with Sarawakian passion,skills and wholeheartedness we will still be able to fully engage their well oiled and trained cyber warriors.

It’s not going to be easy for GPS nor PH but in politics one have to win the “BATTLE OF PERCEPTION” and winning that the other 60% would be how the ground forces work themselves to win those who matters most the constituents who VOTE.

2008 to 2018 to 2021 things have changed so much. Abang Jo knows his task ahead…..

#we are not comparing Abang Jo/Azmin ali

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