TERAS “Grassroots wants Former President back”

“Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best” 
― Otto von Bismarck

The Executive Secretary Banyi Beraik of TERAS ( Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak) have been a very busy man. He has been seen around to the ROS Registry of Societies of Malaysia (Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan getting all the documentation and to ensure that all the 25 Divisions within the party have submitted their annual returns. 

aterasThis is to also to make sure that the political party formed in 2013 will be ready to take part in the upcoming Sarawak State Election which is due in September 2021.

TERAS according to Banyi,’have NEVER GONE TO CONTEST ANY SEAT under its FLAG or with ANY Coalition but we have had the following below under the party when former SUPP and SPDP members joined together on 15th May 2014.

  1. YB William Mawan Ikom (N47 Pakan)-now PBB
  2. YB Wong Soon Koh (N53 Bawang Assan)-now UPP
  3. YB Slyvester Entri (N76 Marudi)- now PKR
  4. YB Jerip Susil (N19 Mambong)- now UPP
  5. YB Peter Nansian ( N02 Tasik Biru)- now acting President
  6. YB Ranum Mina(N01 Opar)- now UPP
  7. YB Rosey Yunus (N71 Bekenu)- now PBB
  8. YB Johnical Rayong Nyipa (N33 Engkilili )- now UPP
  9. YB Paulus Palo (N80 Batu Danau) – now PBB
  10. YB George Lagong (N61 Pelagus) – now SWP
  11. MP Anyi Ngau ( P220 Baram) – now PDP

The party saw also the formation of UPP on July 18th 2014 at a Press Conference the President of UPP Wong Soon Koh said this,”We initially had intended to work with the group of SPDP YBs under the leadership of YB Tan Sri William Mawan through their new party Teras.

“However, after much consultation and getting feedback from our people on the ground, we have come to the conclusion that it would be better for the former YBs of SUPP and SPDP to work in a close partnership but to move forward on separate platforms.”

The parties within BN4 were hellbent in not accepting the TERAS formation and they had their “MERGER OF MINDS” to stop them from being a part of the BN Sarawak family.

We wrote an article on this and the administration under the late CM took note.


CM Adenan even in 2016 State elections had to field the concept of BN direct candidates to accommodate the UPP and TERAS candidates and he was proven right and with his leadership Sarawak State secured 72 out of 82 seats it contested.

The present Sarawak ruling government now under CM Abang Johari was elected under the BN Coalition but since then due to  he Federal Powers being wrested by the Pakatan Harapan Coalition they have left their former coalition.

Instead they will go into the Sarawak state Elections under a new Sarawak coalition GPS”Gabungan Parti Sarawak” PBB with 45 YBS in their party could have just formed the government on its own but with the power sharing concept maintains the former BN4 in the state administration which also includes UPP Assemblyman.

A political analyst said its high time the CM do a reshuffle or is he waiting to see the outcome of the GPS coalition being registered with ROS before he makes the decision. The PH Federal Government will be watching this development as they too would want a local partner to assist them to wrestle the State from the former BN4 parties.

Vice President of Teras Captain Zainuddin Tan Sri Datuk Amar Hamdan Sirat said,” obviously we are eagerly waiting for the homecoming of our former President as the grassroots in TERAS strongholds would gladly welcome this move.

He added,”we would also welcome an invitation for the party TERAS to be included in the present ruling administration of GPS. Of course, there are other political options but we will cross that line when the time comes. Our main agenda is at the moment to persuade our former President to guide the party to its former strength and win the seats entrusted to us.”

On the PBDS (Baru) move of coalition SARAWAK BARU if and only in the event that they are left out of GPS Captain Zainuddin said,“this is will be another platform and another interesting political development and this will favour greatly the Pakatan Harapan group.

For now though we are listening to the groundswell from our members in TERAS dominated areas and they are just waiting for some good news and the Chief Minister who is the Coalition Chief of GPS would know what to do.

We leave it to his political wisdom.

TERAS the party knows it will play a very significant part in PRN12.