Sarawak “Anak Tiri…?”

Sarawak PKR DAP and Amanah said that we will have an autonomy over the State.

However,it does seem that the Pakatan leadership have other priorities. Of course, we congratulate Baru Bian for his Ministerial Post as Works Minister and Chong Chieng Jen for his deputy Minister’s post.

Well in terms of 31 MP state and Sarawak as the largest contributor of  resources it is without doubt that we are again the “ANAK TIRI’ in the Federal-State relationship.

Are we complaining or should we?

Sarawakians should and for the next 5 years know that we will have only 1 Full Minister and 1 deputy. 

warisan-MPTake a peek at our neighbours Sabah. Warisan pull the cat out of the bag. They know Mahathir needs Warisan.

This extracted statement is a body blow to the State of Ssarawak,” 

Parti Warisan Sabah president Shafie Apdal says the appointment of five Warisan MPs into the federal Cabinet shows Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad’s faith in the state.


The five are Warisan deputy president Darell Leiking (international trade and industry minister), Warisan permanent chairman Liew Vui Keong (minister in the Prime Minister’s Department), Silam MP Mohamad Ketapi (tourism, arts and culture minister), Warisan Youth chief Azis Jamman (deputy home minister) and Warisan Wirawati chief Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis (deputy energy, green technology, science and climate change minister).

“This proves that the prime minister has faith in us. We knew there were many others in the Peninsular who were hoping to get these positions but he chose to give them to us. This is an acknowledgement to the party and Sabah. I hope those elected will serve the people well,” he said after the opening of the state assembly sitting by Head of State Juhar Mahiruddin.

Oh Wow!! if we want to be more critical this is even better,

Shafie said he handed in seven names to be considered by the prime minister and the other two remaining names would also be given positions.’

PBDS Baru President Cobbold John also congratulated their counterparts and the new appointments but said,” We must take a leaf out of the political strategy used by Warisan and incorporate into the Sarawak State Alliances.” 

The New GPS of former BN Sarawak parties in PBB,SUPP,PRS and PDP recently formed on 12th June 2018 is still identified as former BN4. If they do not invite any others there is not much difference he said.

We should look into a new Alliance,” Sarawak Baru” where PBDS Baru, UPP,TERAS,STAR,SWP,SETIA and other local parties can come into a united front with close ties to the Pakatan Harapan.

He said,”Only if the GPS lock us outside their Gabungan there is a big chance that Sarawakians will accept this formation of Sarawak Baru

President Cobbold also mentioned that,” we have to work hand in hand or together with those who want to work with us.”

Captain Zainuddin a Vice President of TERAS said,’there are always possibilities in politics and its the people of Sarawak who will vote in PRN12.

TERAS  has contribute greatly in winning a few seats for its members who left and stood as BN Independent candidates and this must not be forgotten.” They have since been accepted as PBB lawmakers.

He concurred with Cobbold that there must be given some sort of political recognition or a new Sarawak Baru Alliance is not out of the question. 

Sarawakians by and large will look at the Warisan concept and will not want to be left out for too long as Pakatan Harapan is the Federal Government. 

Being neighbours to Sabah most Sarawakians will also want an equal footing says Captain Zainuddin.

We do not want to be “ANAK TIRI”

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