PRS “Who Let the Cat out?”

To our readers and followers of this blog,we want to make one thing clear: Even though the PRESS STATEMENT was not released someone Internally did let the cat out.

We fully understand the reasons for not revealing as the statement below would have gone “OVERBOARD”but one must realise once its developed as a Press statement the Perception War in Social Media has already started.


The President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak would say for sure and correct us if we are wrong,”Someone is out to sabotage the party PRS.” He could be right though or is this a deliberate ploy.

It is not our intention to openly blame anyone or disparage those who do so. We are just merely offering our political perspective on this matter. You read and now you can have your own opinion as the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will not charge anyone for #FAKENEWS if its not seditious nor malicious in intent.

Have a nice day!!!!



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