Siapa Ngena Siapa?

Kenapa Kubu Kuat BN di Julau boleh dikalahkan? Apa strategi pembangkang? According to a political analyst who interviewed a number of voters the answer is on the personality of the candidate. What went wrong?

Just a recap in GE12 in the year 2008 Joseph Salang polled 10351 against a PKR candidate who managed 2767. In 2013 in GE13 Joseph Salang polled 9891 against a PKR candidate 2852 and SWP candidate 3936. GE14  Independent candidate polled 10105 against Joseph Salang 8174 a majority of 1941 

The words of the voters,”If a Chinese boy standing as an Independent ticket from a faraway constituency of Kapit can come here to Julau in a predominantly Iban area and wrestle the seat from an Incumbent that boy must be too good or the incumbent must be too bad.”

Do we need to elaborate further they said. We are just being kind to the former MP who also refused to be in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet when he was appointed not as a Full Minister.


In a post mortem, there are a number of factors which they conveniently blame unto some personalities looking for “scapegoats” and also BN Sarawak not being “too cohesive”.

Is that the correct?

Maybe the candidate have to look back at how in 2007 he let the young man down when he needed him the most. They have a history together which we do not need to share here in this article.

Siapa Ngena Siapa?

Of course it goes back to the PBDS days when the Elder Sng was an MP from 1995-1999. History aside but to be beaten by the younger Sng it surely is a bitter blow not only to the State BN but also partly contributed to the loss of the Federal Government.

PRS lost 3 out of 6 seats it contested and the sacking of the Deputy President at the eleventh hour and others gave a much needed boost to the Opposition Pakatan Coalition. The opening was there to be capitalised and Pakatan was quietly confident. 

PKR also took the younger Sng’s bait as they know he stood a much better chance of an UPSET OR GIANT SLAYING and they stood down to give their full support. 

They too know supporters of the 5 PRS sacked would be very vulnerable. 50 % would be sad and 50% would be hellbent on revenge. That’s only normal. 

Even the CM ,DCM and ADUN Pakan were called in, to join in to campaign for the Incumbent. The 50 % unhappy voters were going to make a strong statement.

Their favoured man Nyempah Sabot, 54, who is Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Meluan branch chairman and a resident of a local longhouse, Rumah Emparak was sacked together with 4 others and they had no choice but to turn to the opposition. Earlier, they too have made their voices heard and they believed that a local in Nyempah would be in a better position to understand the constituents’ problems and needs.

Salang indicated that should he be asked to give way, he would want an Iban from Julau to replace him, not a non-local. Julau has a total of 25,380 registered voters, the majority of whom are Ibans.

The answer by the locals is clear and this is a very bitter lesson which needs to be rectified as the State elections will be another major hurdle for the ruling coalition. Would they repeat the same mistakes?

The Independent MP has since joined PKR . 




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