Sik Bolih Eksen Gik!!

Zaman era sekarang selepas 9hb Mei pemikiran rakyat sudah berubah. We know who is King says a first time voter. It was exciting and the euphoria of being the game changer has given the impetus for many Malaysians.

The Power is in our Hands. Syiok Nye!!   

In Life,Business,Sports as in Politics there are winners and there will certainly be losers  After GE14 many are trying to wriggle their way out of unpleasantness and there lies the human disease of “finger pointing” not taking the blame” it’s them not us” “they created the problem” etc etc. 

amaaadIt’s never me but others and when the butchers knives are being wield the usual suspects or “SCAPEGOAT” will pay the price. The time of that era is now gone as the social media and digital economy technology has saved many poor souls. 

Nothing can be more real when the voters come back and tell the arrogant few,’ SIK BOLIH EKSEN GIK!! and also mentioned inside,outside let’s do it right for Sarawak.


How many would dare raise their hands and say yes openly. Most of us and am sure you when reading this would concur that its best we just lip our mouths and for the right reasons too are so fearful that our rice bowls would be affected. Thats normal.

But Malaysia has got the rule of law but somehow many who knew it, did not seek to impart it to others. However the GE14 speaks for itself as the voters were given a fresh outlook by the Pakatan Harapan and every message was delivered to the ears and hands of those who wanted change.

BN knew what was coming but DID NOT DO enough to stop the flow of information eventhough they implemented the #FAKENEWS law which was a little too late.

Even a President of a Party said that ““SUPP is not a tycoon party and we do not have the luxury (to control the social media). He also said the social media plays a big role in this election, since the handphone is now considered ‘taiko’ in dissemination of news. He however cautioned that 50 percent of Internet news portals are controlled by the opposition through the Red Bean Army.

So where did they go wrong?

The scapegoat is the RED BEAN ARMY and obviously not his party who seems lost in the battle of cyberspace. SUPP has majority of Urban seats and he also says handphone is the “taiko” The first time voter even said taking advertisements is outdated and a wasteful usage of resources.

Inside, Outside let’s do it right for Sarawak and you should ask all the current BN assemblyman to wake up. No more recess time for them says the voter. Inside he said the component parties must get their strategy right and not use the same hoo haas as “Sejiwa Senada” government programmes to impress but to go on the ground back to basics. Find it out for yourselves he said. 

A Phone call was made to ADUN Pakan and he concurred with some of the views of the first time voters.

He said,”IT”S A  GOOD BEGINNING. Am very sad and disappointed with the losses which we must learn from our over zealousness and no more for personal and party agendas. However the people have spoken so we need to work the ground and do not make the same mistakes now for PRN12.

We need to be  with the rakyat,attend to their needs and wants. They are the ones who will vote us in and we must respect them .

On the question that rumours circling viciously that he was implicated in the defeats of Julau and Saratok he said that the lies and rumours have to stop. Nomination day he was with the BN Candidate Subeng Mula and it was splashed all over the news. DCM Uggah and Candidate for Julau was seen together with me campaigning.

aaaaaaaa.jpgThis type of false news have to stop and my pictures were all over the social media. As a matter of fact we need to inform the parties concerned that its a defeat and for PDP machinery in Saratok as he was told that it was non-existent 

The 12 losses which the BN Sarawak suffered in GE14 means the “AIR OF INVINCIBILITY” will be tested to the fullest by PR12. Sarawak is a BN run Government State by virtue of the mandate being voted in by the people in 2016 in PR11.

In the Federal side Sarawak Parliamentarians are sitting in the opposition bench as the Federal Government is held by Pakatan Harapan.

The results of GE14 for SARAWAK :-

PRS lost 3 out of 6, PDP lost 2 out of 4,  SUPP Maintain 1 not winning 6 others and PBB lost 1 out of 14. GE13 SUPP lost 6 out of 7 and the rest of the 3 parties won 100% . It shows PDP and PRS lost 50% of their seats which could have been avoided. { click to see earlier article ..  )

Democracy is very much alive in Malaysia and those who have been elected by the people for their parties must be brave enough to honour and stick with their respective parties or the coalition they represent. 

The first time voters did not mince their words as they said,” we are agents of change and the voters have tested the power that is bestowed upon them and they will do likewise the next 5 years as they see fit to vote the candidate of their choice. 

The State election is only 3 years away and this would be the 2nd time they will be voting and we would not want them to say,” Percaya sik!! Kita tukar Perintah!!” 

In all honesty the voters have woken up in GE14 and the Sarawak State Government need to do a post mortem quickly.

They need to listen to the groundswell,re engineer ,revamp certain parties, work in tandem with the rakyat on their wants and needs and avoid carrying out over the top “UNECONOMICAL PROJECTS” which does not benefit the majority of the Sarawak people. 

The Pakatan Harapan machinery will be down in full force to try to take over the state of Sarawak in the next PRN12.