Acara Utama 9th Mei 2018

Inikali lah! Lawan Tetap Lawan !

d4c24468-4b2b-42f2-a1a9-10f337d95497.jpgHow many times have we heard this at Ceramahs especially from the Opposition camps.

The Barisan Nasional Team are not exactly resting on their laurels and they too are on the offensive.


Dia orang kata ini kalilah, kita kata tak payahlah’

Such is the political interest in this General Election 14 for Malaysia that it is termed the Battle Royale between a former Prime Minister of 22 years against the Sitting and Incumbent PM of 10 years.

Both are leading their men into battles in the 222 Parliamentary seats However it seems there is the referee(spoiler) which is of course PAS who will also be the “DETERMINING FACTOR”

Don’t rule them out just yet as both might need them if there is a tie (Hung Parliament)

The Rakyat who are the “Pay Masters for the Event” are watching closely and they know who,why,where to cast their votes to ensure the Ruling Government of the Day for Malaysia.



PAS ‘Sarawakians Have Not Forgotten”

The P201 Batang Lupar seat is in the spotlight for reasons best known to the candidate from PAS. In trying to score brownie points and turning into votes the opposition candidate Ustaz Wan Abdillah Wan Ahmad published “FAKE NEWS” of Dangdut Concert at the kawasan.

This is Cheap Dirty Tactics and as Sarawakians PAS must be reminded they are not EXACTLY WELCOME WITH OPEN ARMS  as they have yet to apologise since the by election in 2009.

606a5466-4d56-4de7-b896-2965b9d9e2a4.jpgThere will of course be many different ways to win over the voters as every constituency is different in its composition of voters. The Barisan Nasional Candidate has come out fighting and she will not be pushed into a corner by just keeping quiet on the matter.

In her address to the BN Machinery she said,” Take every election as a war. Time is passing swiftly, so are changes in our life and daily routine. We must therefore not be left behind in adopting new strategies to make sure BN win with bigger majority in Batang Lupar,”

The BN candidate lashed out at the opposition for politicising religious issue in a bid to influence the local community.

“Islam is sacred so don’t try to smear it for personal and party gain just to win the election. This approach is taking advantage of religious purity.”

PAS Candidate for P205 himself a Sarawakian or (he needs reminding of his roots) that  Sarawakians will not tolerate anyone trying to create disharmony in our multiracial,multicultural and multi religious State of Sarawak.

Judge for yourself the posting below and be reminded that “FITNAH”(untrue accusations) and FAKENEWS needs to be stamped out.


Majlis yang dianjurkan malam tadi ialah bacaan doa selamat bagi menghormati malam Nisfu Syaaban sebaliknya calon PAS berkenaan memuat naik status di facebook beliau dengan mengatakan satu konsert dangdut diadakan malam tadi seterusnya mencemari malam yang cukup mulia di kalangan umat Islam, ini merupakan satu fitnah”, kata Dato’ Sri Rohani.

If the PAS candidate wants a political war we will not stand back and just let him get away with it. 

We will fight and ensure that the constituents of P201 will remain with BN plus BN will continue to ensure that their peace and security is maintained and all development plans for the area will be fulfilled. 

PAS  be reminded Sarawakians have not forgotten and please don’t play with FIRE….