Tan Sri Mawan”Cometh the Hour,Cometh the Man”

There is a lot at stake for Barisan Nasional. This is a seat where PKR has set its eyes on  since 2013 where when all seems lost  Mawans “masterstroke strategy” won the order of the day. Since being an incumbent he has worked the ground,united the people and touched the PULSE of the people in the constituency to ensure that BN will not let PKR gain a foothold.

aabbmmaIn this GE14 he is not fielded and many tears were shed by his supporters and most of all the constituents who have trusted him with their votes and mandate in 2013. It all points towards a second term for the incumbent MP .

There was a lot of lobbying within the BN Family and the “seriousness of the political circumstances” especially the PRS UPROAR which occurred prior to the nomination day had a true bearing on the choices of candidates for GE14. 

Mawan a true BN Man and also in PBB was upholding the principles of the party in which the CM had mentioned that there would not be an assemblyman also being a candidate for MP. 

There would have been various ‘ugly but controlled confrontations” within the coalition as this SARATOK seat is one targetted by PKR. The fear of BN losing this seat is real even though the seat traditionally belongs to a component party in PDP. Mawan worked tirelessly to unite all the various factions in the area to “believe and trust” the ruling coalition.

Winnability and all relevant reports submitted had Mawan as the frontrunner for Saratok Parliament tasked to ensure the seat stays with BN after GE14.

In politics nothing is taken to chance and there are always ‘surprises,conditions,scenarios,ugly confrontations” which needs to be addressed.

Mawans name was CONCLUSIVE as the BN hierarchy cannot be certain that any of the PDP lobbyist would be able to fend of the onslaught of the PKR Candidate who is also  well liked and  a very friendly Assemblyman from the state seat of Krian.

Subeng Mula was nominated and Mawan and his supporters was aggrieved and despaired by the decision. The last minute FLAMMABLE TORCH by PRS have indeed worked and benefited PDP and pushed BN to the corner.

What transpired behind the scenes many would be able to draw their own conclusions.

In audie61 posting this was wrote earlier,”We know we have gone from a vertical society to a horizontal society where everybody has an opinion about any decision a leader makes. It’s readily available and all opinions are shared which means the gloves will be off and the clash will not only be a small matter but will escalate into from an easy win seat to scrapping through. Basically the RESPECT will be gone and every decision has to be carefully evaluated and understood by all.

One cannot be seen crying on spilled milk and these are Mawan’s words,”,”Come what may, I will be there to ensure BN wins the seat for Saratok. “

Say what you like about Tan Sri Mawan, Praise or Loathe him but many in the political arena calls him a True Gentleman and Very Civil in his approach. When all looks gloom and doom he always brings light to the people around him and he summons the strength,inspires and shows humility.

True to his word, above everything else and in the true spirit of BN he injected camaraderie he was together with the BN Team and Subeng Mula the BN candidate marching towards the nomination centre on the 28th of April 2018.

His exceptionally admirable leadership is for all to see and the value of the man shows how much BN needs him to garner support for BN to fend off the PKR onslaught in this GE14.

There were hugs of joy from the BN camp and TEARS were unashamedly shed from those who were in the BN contingent. That is the least Mawan can do for the BN candidate and his team.

In any election the ZERO SUM is to win a seat and in this GE14 the stakes are high.

We all know that many a man would have been swept into oblivion. We can write a thousand and one things and use comforting words to heal but the hurt the person has suffered would have broken the spirit in the person.

Mawan at his lowest of political hour of humiliation was able to summon his spirit and these words fit nicely ,”COMETH THE HOUR.COMETH THE MAN”

In 5 years as the Parliamentarian for saratok he has worked the ground to ensure BN retains the fortress but that’s as much that he can do for Subeng Mula.

It is up to him to win over the constituents,be voted in and carry on the good work that Mawan has put in for BN

Mawan in his thank you note if we may take a leaf out of it mentioned “if I have in anyway overlook or have not performed to expectations I humbly apologise.Continue to support Barisan Nasional

The people of Saratok will remember your passion, a caring leader and always “Dahulukan Rakyat”.

Politics took a  backstep and the experienced Mawan was in the forefront of making and assisting in the vision of the State and Country,”towards a fully developed State and Nation.” 

Barisan Nasional have shown confidence in him and he has proven his worth with his unselfishness.true dedication and he is truly an Exemplary Genuine Leader to Emulate.