GE14 “An Amicable Solution”

The Incumbent of Saratok P205 was in high spirits when he spoke to audie61 after his ‘minor health scare” during the SEJIWA SENADA Programme last weekend where he was dashed to Sarikei. 

He was in Saratok welcoming the DCM and his entourage at the rest house but he was ‘conspicuously missing“as per news filtering from a local daily when the Chief Minister Abang jo arrived.

aavbvbWhen we engaged further in our discussion he said,”Come what may, I will be there to ensure BN wins the seat for Saratok. There is a right to claim for PDP as traditionally the  seat belongs to the party but there are also questions being asked on the winnablility of the candidates being selected and put up by the party.” he said

The names of Subeng Mula and Dr.James Chella are names which are mentioned and submitted but they are not yet household names which the BN fears will be easily swallowed up by the might of PKR/Pakatan.

PBB is not claiming the seat through Mawan but BN sees the necessity as the candidates being mentioned are NOT FULLY PREPARED nor the machinery of PDP. There are in “sixes and sevens” eventhough PDP Senator did mentioned that with PBB support in Krian and Kalaka PDP would just pull through.

Would Barisan Nasional (BN) risk this?

Mawan himself quoted this,”the right of claim where one of them are not prepared isn’t it better to give it to the people who can retain the seat for BN.

PBB would not want to lay claim as such but by putting up the winnable and unified candidate for BN and they would return the seat to PDP in due course. 

Mawan has done his homework for the last 5 years and this has helped BN to get closer into the details of the demographics of the constituency. The incumbent knows who and where are the people who are supporting Barisan Nasional.

This must not be overlooked as if it is there will be problems a plenty for BN.  

The scenario of even exchanging a certain seat where rumblings of candidacy is so intensified within PBB might even open up an opening for a negotiation of “SEAT SWAPPING”

The indicators are pointing to the seat of PUNCAK BORNEO where PDP might just play its part to assist PBB whereby both seats will be retained by BN.

Nothing is concrete and it will be up to the top hierarchy to make that decision.

Winning and losing is so crucial for BN and the spirit of unity within the BN family would be tested to the fullest if it materialises.   

It must be noted that PBB is not going out of its way to lay claim for the seat of Saratok and Mawan knows unless if an amicable solution is presented all parties would be satisfied with the outcome.

Mawan will be fully supportive of what the top hierarchy has laid out for BN and he will ensure that the Saratok seat remains a BN fortress.