GE14-“All Out for BN Win”

Amidst the storm the Parliamentarian is as cool as a cucumber. The phones were ringing non stop and there were uncertainties the day this headline was published,” 

Saratok seat remains with PDP – Nanta

True to form, the incumbent for Saratok an experienced and seasoned politician took everything in his stride. An inexperienced politician would have been very angered and “sweeping statements” would have been the order of the day. Obviously this would cause more harm than good for the coalition as it enters battle stations.

aaaamaWas there any references to anyone ? What happens to the person who knows the secret of the deal? It does not look too healthy but more “bleak”for the supporters on the ground and without him at the helm various equations are surfacing says our source.

Even a Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak secretary, Idris Bohari is offering himself to contest as an independent candidate in Saratok parliamentary seat for the upcoming 14th General Election (GE14).

The Incumbent was contacted and he said,”The Big Picture is to retain the seat for BN. There must not be personal sentiments and PKR must not gain a foothold.

He added that PDP Subeng might be inexperience but with time he might be moulded into the Barisan Nasional fold.

The development of Idris joining the fray is to take away the Malay votes and ensuring PKR have an easier passage in the game plan. 

William Mawan won the seat Saratok Parliamentary seat in his outing against Giant Killer PKR Ali Biju with majority of 2180 votes dampening PKRs dream of a rural Iban parliamentary seat.

He has worked tirelessly from the day he won Saratok till the day of dissolution of GE14.
Saratok was also honoured by the Federal Government as the “Best in the State” in terms of providing assistance to the people which is in line with the vision of PM #dahulukanrakyat .

Mawan at the helm the government agencies are on their toes all the time.
He would appear EVEN at minor functions just to be with the people contrary to what many have said.

Mawan is also the President of Sarawak Dayak National Union.( SDNU) 
PKR Ali Biju is well liked by the Krian constituents but being in the opposition he is unable to provide clear direction on development of his constituency.
Mawan himself is approachable by all walks of life irrespective of race, religion or colour and he makes things happen in Saratok. Subeng still inexperienced will have it very tough against a PKR Machinery which is hellbent on scoring big by capturing Saratok.
Mawan has consolidated all detractors within the constituency and the 4000 strong TERAS boys are solidly behind him to be retained.

PKR looks at Subeng of PDP as easy meat if fielded.

Mawan joined PBB to ensure the BN Picture is maintained. He could even have been a PRS parliamentarian if the offer was taken up after some approaches.

Indeed it would have a distorted picture when it unfurls and any political analyst would know there would be “fireworks” and “some unfriendliness” being exchanged at this crucial time between PDP and PRS. 

When it matters most, Mawan remains a strong stumbling BLOCK to PKR quest for a FIRST PARLIAMENTARY IBAN SEAT for PKR. 

BN would make the right choice for the right candidate to be fielded. Every seat matters for BN at this crucial time. 

Mawan a true BN loyalists will adhere to the decisions by the top hierarchy

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