GE14 “BN Fortress”

It’s called lobbying and every party in any election would want to put their best candidate in the forefront to be given the mandate by the people.

The favourite topic nationally especially on politics is the argument for all constituencies be it Parliament or State (except Sarawak) will be the final list of candidates.

Who is In? Who is dropped? Why is the person not suitable? What has that person got to offer if he is chosen ?

Many equations and with that comes political manoeuvrings of the highest order. Or could that be called Sabotaging?

Umno secertary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor has ordered party members who were not selected to contest to respect the party’s decision.

“Anyone who tries to sabotage the elections will be sacked,” he said.

aaattaThe question is how the hierarchy is going to solve this imbroglio. Of course its not going to be as simple as A,B,C. There will be many factors and reports to take into account and also this will also not satisfy everyone.

There are a lot of “hotly” disputed seats to be solved but to maintain solidarity and unity the winning mentality will not be compromised over preferential seats or personal agenda’s.

The BN fortress is now being persistently and severely  attacked from all angles. It goes without saying Propaganda and the Winning Formula of Each Constituency will need to be addressed thoroughly before the decision is arrived at.

The Pakatan Coalition is using only one symbol to contest in Peninsular there is indeed something to think about for the BN Coalition. The main parliamentary warfare would be centralised in certain states of Kedah,Perak, Terengganu and Johor .

Some of the BN States would need to go on the offensive instead of just protecting the BN Fortress.

In Sarawak the 3 parties of DAP,PKR and Amanah are using their respective symbols but in cohorts together in the same coalition. BN Sarawak who held her State Elections in 2016 would be focussing on the 31 Parliamentary seats.

In 2013, Pakatan Harapan managed to wrestle 6 out of 31 seats. 

The BN  coalition would be depending on Sarawak to deliver the status quo if not better which is needed if on any probability.

The Pakatan forces are not targeting as much on the rural areas which are considered ‘safe” but certain HOSTILITIES and UNHAPPINESS might just backfire on the BN.

The CM Sarawak will be leading his team for his first major outing and the by elections which he led must not be taken into consideration. There are “a number of seats which we do not need to publicize here . No one will want to go to WAR by telling the enemy this is my weakness and this is the trouble spot. 

The BN hierarchy knows that there are elements within its control to address or dire consequences will happen.   

Those dropped from being candidates might on face value accept it but their followers and close aides will not lie idle. The UMNO SG and who doubles up as BN SG has spelt it clearly. 

“Anyone who tries to sabotage the elections will be sacked,”

The BN Sarawak Fortress has been fortified and CM Sarawak will need his team to deliver to the BN.

In his message to all BN components and supporters it is absolutely crystal clear that the State BN will want nothing except Solidarity and Unified effort to face the common enemy. This is not the time for petty disagreements or personal agendas but a WINNING FORMULA.

Sabah BN will need to fend off the forces of the popularity which is building up with the Warisan Party and also its close ally with the Pakatan Sabah coalition. The State and Federal BN knows their strength and they too need to go on the full offensive to win not only in the ballot boxes but to put the best candidate forward .

The mandate will be given by the rakyat but BN fortress will need to ensure they have the right Generals, Captains,Lieutenants and foot soldiers to go into battle with the Pakatan Coalition.

Its no use just being named as a candidate but to have a mentality of Winning is of Upmost importance.

We just need to see whats on offer. 

Only after the Nomination Process can we be rest assured that the names are the final ones which will appear in the Ballot Paper.