GE14- “14 years ago in 2004”

It’s been one hell of a ride for us since we welcome ‘ourselves‘ in the world of politics. Way back in 2004 the cyber world was just about to identify the right foot from the left foot. Today, in 2018 it has progressed by leaps and bounds and it’s now even got a new name in Digital Economy and Digital Age. Any difference to Politicians?

Not really though. Each aspiring candidate will need to ensure that the people vote them and every strategy which is taught in the book or learning through “hard knocks” must be used. 

After the EC Chairman announced the dates for GE14 both political divides from BN,Pakatan ,PAS or would be “Independent” candidates and supporters have had their ‘political sauces dumped into the date”

Any bearings on whether its the date,day it doesn’t matter. The voters will have to choose who they want to be their representative be it their state assembly or as a Federal Member of Parliament. There are many first timers,fence sitters and also those”tetap tidak lari” from voting their choices election after election.

When we received all the #hashtags and this FUN FACTS on GE14 it got us thinking. It’s after all both sides will suffer and those who have their strategies in place and know how to manoeuvre their tactics will obviously benefit. To those who are eligible to VOTE its time that you practise your democratic rights and VOTE. 


aaditt2004 is 14 years ago and we are glad to be very much part of GE14 in 2018 and to see democracy still in our beloved country of Malaysia. We can criticise, we can slander , we can curse but remember Malaysia is still our Country of Birth. 

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