GE14 “United We Stand..”

azaazThe phrase “United we stand….” is without a doubt a common one that is used by all strategists no matter what field they are from be it commercial or political. As election nears those who feel that they have the abilities and capabilities would want to put their ‘names in the hat” to be eligible for selection.

But do they fit the criteria?

Many are using the tried and tested textbook ways but somehow knowingly missed out on one of the most important battle strategy,”local ground conditions” On this instance a report which an internet portal put up had us scratching our heads on a Deputy Wanita Chief and a Full Cabinet Minister in Rohani Abdul Karim.

This was published,”beliau berhadapan masalah dengan tiga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri di kawasannya.

Any truth?

Is it just based on hearsay or is there any letter or petition to the CM or PM to have her replaced? Is she not been seen with the local ADUNS? This is not the age of ‘surat layang2″but the age of technology and news travels faster than any one can imagine.

To top it all it does seem very unpolitical to even put down someone in Wan Abdillah Edruce who was sacked from PBB

Is this statement just for show,”“I have given orders for him to be sacked. We want to show our displeasure with him, he told reporters in a press conference here, today. Moreover to add salt in the wound the late CM Sarawak also reiterated that he had already made it very clear that no independent candidate would be accepted into Barisan Nasional even if they won.

The present CM Abang Jo does have his own ways and methods to deal with over enthusiastic personnel within the party who tries to push their way to be candidate. He will not go head on with them but he knows his decision after checking out with the PM would be final. 

Today 4th of April 2018 he spells it out clearly in Miri,”“Kalau kamu ditakdirkan sebagai calon, maka kamulah yang menjadi calon. Jangan bergaduh,” No one can stop anyone from being the righful one but sometimes the lobbyists forgets about the protocol within the party and they do want to go and show their prowess and strength which is indeed unhealthy. 

This gets even more spicer when it involves another Federal Minister in Wan Junaidi. Another parliamentarian have the right to say about his fellow colleagues . There must be something wrong, somewhere don’t you think? This was extracted from the portal,”“Justeru beliau (Abang Johari) perlu berani untuk membuat perubahan,” kata seorang pemimpin BN di Parlimen.” Please, dont tell us that we have to read the whole article and not extract just the above. 

For the information of the portal we have been in cyber space as a blog since 2008 and we have not flown in just in time “FOR ELECTIONS” and disappear after that. Moreover the portal was caught posting the wrong picture of an individual and if it was not for that we would have just “LOOK SEE,LOOK SEE“.

We are not going to take action under the #FAKENEWS law which has been passed but its a simple reminder that we must decimate the right words and statements instead of creating and painting a BAD PICTURE for the Ministers in question who are serving the rakyat well instead of “SYIOK SENDIRI” or just to maintain their positions. Their cabinet postings are the prerogative of the Prime Minister.Period.

On another note this report by another internet portal which has surfaced recently which also seem to be attacking an incumbent BN/MP and even to the extend of him winning by scraping through with 2081 votes against a “giant killer” who finished off the political career of a State Assistant Minister.

aamawan38Mawan did not scrapped through and 2081 votes is not exactly just a mere 1 or 100 votes. Also for the information of the portal, Mawan was not a direct BN candidate and he was the SPDP PRESIDENT at that time in 2013. Let’s be fair with the facts and the choice of words used and do justice to journalistic ethics.

Whats more the portal has the audacity to imply on a “PBB insider also said fielding Mawan would make it appear as if the state lynch pin was a bully,which could affect ties among the coalition partners.”

Let me ask the portal whats the INTENTION and IMPLICATION on saying that the Coalition would be on warpath?

In any election the ZERO SUM is to win a seat and in this GE14 the stakes are high as every seat is important not only to BN but also the opposition. 

If the BN Secretary General did not say these words (extracted attached below) we would take back our words and say “Minta Maaf Ya”

On Sunday, Tengku Adnan had said the BN leadership would discuss with component parties the matter of candidates for GE14.

“We will discuss with them. If you can win the seat, take it. If you can’t, give it to someone who can.”
“They have to put aside their pride and ego, and not use the ‘traditional seat’ excuse to hold on to a seat,” he said.

He added that if component parties could not obey instructions from the top leadership, it could affect BN’s performance in GE14.
It would send a clear message to component parties to settle any disagreements before the election.

However, he also warned that party leaders would have to consider the top leadership’s decisions on which candidates were most suitable for a given constituency.

It does seem that lately the attack has been concentrated on PBB as the party is seen to be solid and will win all the seats it contest in the General Elections.

Don’t you think so?

PBB is the backbone of the Sarawak State BN Coalition and they do not intend to be the BIG BULLY as mentioned earlier and the title of “rich farmer versus poor brother” is of course a “TANTALISING HEADLINE”

PBB takes no prisoners and we have written many articles on the party and though have had our fair share of misadventures we have not wavered in our stand. The coalition partners in SUPP,PRS and PDP we have also stood behind them in their hour of need. 

The YBs in PBB might have their differences with their fellow assemblyman or parliamentarians but when it comes down to be united they will stand by each other in facing the common enemy.

PBB had their infighting days and they have learnt the lessons of being a divided entity.

The common ground for the party is that they will stand united as a coalition and win handsomely for BN in Malaysia’s 14th General Elections.

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