GE14 -“Battle Lines Drawn”

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One can win Popular Votes but to win GE14 in Malaysia its all about first passing the magical number of 111 seats.

Thats the Political Reality and its not about to Change.

apas1222 seats is all there for the taking to form the Federal Government of Malaysia. Politics is taking centre stage as the country gears up for General Elections. Both sides of the political divide in theory are saying they have the ‘upper hand” as the voters are already in their pockets. Is that so?

One thing for sure though the theory should be backed by empirical evidence rather than speculation or hearsay. The ruling BN coalition in Sarawak and Sabah are not going to give up their safe bastionson a platter to the newly formed Pakatan alliances. The 56 seats are “Crystallized Gold Nuggets“and BN will not want Pakatan to make any further inroads. (Pakatan…

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