DAP v SUPP “Attack..Attack..I Will Follow You”

There are both calibre leaders in their own right one of them is born in 1971 and the other 1965. One is a lawyer while the other is a doctor. When Ricky Nelson sung this song in 1963 one would not expect that the verses could be used for this showdown.

Nothing can keep you from me
You are my destiny

aaserangWhen Pemanca Ko Wai Neng said,Leaders of both parties( UPP & SUPP) should keep an open mind when it comes to recommending the most winnable to contest for BN. Do not contest for the sake of contesting. The bottom line should still be serving the community with a sincere heart rather than focusing on ‘putting my own men there.” he pointed out.

How very true this is and he must have felt the Pulse of the Chinese community. Would he just say for the sake of getting brownie points and get some rewards? No way, as we also have also gone on the ground and checked with parliamentary voters in Bandar Kuching and Stampin.

The Dust have not settled down on the much awaited battle between the two leaders in which they both avoided each other during the last State elections. However, one must realise though at that particular juncture both needed to win to have a platform to serve and ensure that they are both relevant to their respective parties.

Now there isn’t much excuse as a voter said and it will stick to them like a STIGMA which will go down as a battle best avoided for plain survival interest.

Word has it though that the State administration still needs Sim as a State Minister instead of going to win a Parliament seat and going for a Federal posting. That is one reason holding him back but being the person who loves the challenge he needs to weigh the options. 

The party SUPP, himself against the party DAP, and his nemesis in Chong. The feel good factor is back with SUPP Sarawak and Sim knows that there is no better time than to wrestle some lost seats back for the party. 6 out of 7 seats were lost in 2013 and it was a very bitter blow for the party and former President Peter Chin and Sim as Secretary General then.

DAP and Chong were over the moon with the results and also started the programme “GOING RURAL” to chart more wins for the party.  Special Assistant to DAP Sarawak Chairman Chong Chieng Jen even reckons DAP Sarawak will win 24 seats in the Sarawak Assembly.

Wow! Guessed what happened…..

They were surprisingly nearly knocked out by the late CM Adenan’s ,”Team Adenan” and the defining war cry for SUPP “a win for SUPP is a win for me” which still reverberates throughout the present ruling administration  

Today a new CM have taken over from the late “Tok Nan”and CM Abang Jo has his own strenght too. However Sim knows that he too has to muster some sort of equation to lead the charge against DAP.

Do they SERANG,SERANG the KUBU KUAT of DAP which of course is their DAP Chairmans Parliamentary seat of P195.??

SUPP will field a candidate no doubt in Bandar Kuching and likewise DAP in Stampin. They will go into battle in the predominantly Chinese seats.

However,on everyone’s lips is of course , “WHO WILL FOLLOW WHO?  

The scenario is not as simple as one would want it to happen but there is much to be sacrificed for both DAP and SUPP. The Chinese community and the voters would want to see it happen and it will very much chart the future directions of both parties being RELEVANT TO THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE.

Who knows if the gauntlet thrown an Independent or a new party surfacing might win in future elections. This is for future reference though as you saw it here first.

The scenario for now though would happen if and only “THE BIGGER PICTURE” must be addressed.

Scenario 1.

Sim going for the Stampin will have Chong rubbing his hands in delight as he being the “Smiling Chubby Face” politician loves the challenge and to do a giant killing act in seeing off the SUPP President. Also the area of contest falls within their STATE SEATS and both supporters. No doubt,DAP has named Dr.Kelvin as candidate for the area but any last minute change is still possible and its a Political strategy.

Scenario 2.

Likewise, if Chong sticks to his fortress of P195 Sim would be in a commanding position as he will be attacking at full force with his troops. He will be seen as a warrior that doesn’t run away from challenges and if its his destiny”as per the song.…I WILL FOLLOW YOU” does happen and he wins BANDAR KUCHING the State administration would see him as a “Leader who has all the attributes to serve Sarawak well in the Federal Administration.”

We are not about to be accused of “stirring the hornets nest” for both camps in SUPP and DAP.

We all know that in any political battles there will be winners and losers . The winner will go on and rule while the loser will need to pick up the pieces and soldier on towards the next battle field.

The Chinese Community knows what is best for them and they as always ‘love a good battle on the cards.” Whoever steps up and shows the way will be considered a “HERO‘ in their eyes. The community basically in most cases knows how to survive in any environment and they always look after their own needs.

The Chinese community in Sarawak correct me if am wrong, are not too greedy for Ultimate power and the Chief Minister’s Post  but only they require a stable economy for commerce, safe environment from crime activities, free from religious persecutions and good education network for their children.

The words in the 1963 song still makes much sense in this context and the ‘can which was open by …..


will not be quieten down by the Chinese Voters in P195 and P196 for the moment till the votes and results are known.

Where you go, I’ll go
Where you stay, I’ll stay
When you move, I’ll move
I will follow you…………