P195 Bandar Kuching,”Battle of the Heavyweights”

Potentially, it could be a reality and this according to many political observers and also arm chair critics would put an END to the argument of the allegiance of the Chinese community in this constituency of Bandar Kuching P195.

d9178b3f-d583-4a60-baff-6ef209e42ac4Of course,we would not want to add more pepper and spice but we will try to add some Preferred sauce. The report by an internet portal have given the Bandar Kuching a DAP stronghold something to think about. (    http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/opinion/2018/03/22/supps-dr-sim-should-do-a-lee-san-choon/  )

It’s rather interesting to say the least especially on this statement from a community leader Dr Chou Chii Ming

“Instead of contesting in Stampin, the SUPP president should challenge Chong in Bandar Kuching. This daring move may even win back Chinese support and confidence in the party.

“If he wins, it will be historic. But if he loses, he can still walk with his head held high, knowing that he has taken the fight to the DAP chief in his own ‘hor siew’ (Chinese for tiger’s lair, meaning stronghold),” says Chou.

Most of the party faithful  and resources would be concentrated in P195 Bandar Kuching and it would be seen as a By- election of some sort. The heat for GE14 on the other seats would be in the back burner . Nothing would be bigger than this especially for all the Chinese Newspaper Editors to salivate. This would make the sales for the papers in question to a record high.

Professor Sim who is engaged in the unification of former party colleagues from UPP would be seen as a LEADER who DARES and have a backbone of his own and he will win much respect and adorance from all sectors. Chong who is the opposition leader knows that with SIm coming into the Lions den it would derail his election campaign on helping his other colleagues and the opposition front.

Chong does best in his ways as opposition by being a “barker” while Sim is a “selfless worker” who wants his party SUPP to be back to former glory as the only party the Chinese would turn to for assistance and services. 19 seats SUPP held during its glory days and it was because of constant infighting which the public have turned their backs on the party.

The challenge for Sim is not as simple as putting brown mushroom sauce on the steak and chips but he needs to look at the overall picture. He lost the Pending seat in 2011 to the Incumbent and lady lawyer Violet Yong who received 14,375 votes and won with a majority of 7,595 votes. A very successful and professional doctor was beaten by a lawyer.

Not to be disheartened, he continued his political struggle by trying to put SUPP in order He went to stand in 2016 in Batu Kawah. He won by 2085 votes against Christina Chiew Wang See. Sims personal values and passion in public service won over the constituents to put him as their representative and now as State Minister for Local Government and Housing.

Chong MP 195 Bandar Kuching has many nicknames bestowed by his political friends and foes. The favourite one would be “Smiling Baby face” but of course there are others like”Anak Sabong DAP” “The Cheerful DAP Assassin” and others which are too vulgar to be written. He is now held very high and mighty in the eyes of the Chinese community especially in Bandar Kuching.

This with facts of winnable margins cannot be discounted. In 2004 he won by 2041 votes. In 2008 he won by 9952 votes while in 2013 it was 19,642.

Are there enemies within the party trying to derail the SUPP President by egging him on to face Chong head on?

There are some within the party according to sources that they want Sim to finish Chong off once and for all and wipe out the “SMILES” off the DAP bandwagon.  There is not another opporune time than “ini kali la” to face Chong and sent a quiver down the spines of DAP and the opposition front.

The nicknames given to Sim would be wiped off the slate and what he request especially on the SUPP Bandar Kuching South Mayorship and Deputy Chief Ministership which his late father proudly held from 1974 to 1991 would become a reality.

It would not be easy to go against Chong but dont forget and we make an example by putting  Stampin Parliamentary seat in the equation. This seat was held by a Deputy Minister Yong Khoon Seng from 1990 to 2008 and was considered basically a safe seat for BN/SUPP.

In 2013 Julian Tan Kok Ping basically an unknown personality in Stampin won comprehensively winning 41663 against 22993. The Chinese community knows how to choose their representative and in 2013 they were so fed up with SUPP infighting amongst other factors too and they taught the party a very BITTER lesson. Now they will have to reaccess and look at the bigger picture.

Violet Yong has even sounded the bugle for his party and she even ‘cheekily” mentioned that Sim would be named for Stampin Seat. ( http://www.theborneopost.com/2018/03/17/yong-announces-dr-sim-is-bn-candidate-for-stampin/ }

Has she managed to divert the attention away for her boss and Chairman of DAP Sarawak Chong?

DAP are also looking over their shoulders and as we have mentioned earlier the fight for Bandar Kuching between Chong and Sim would not benefit DAP. Their main spokesman would be targeted and they will need to hold on to their fortress.

There is also a new man in Chief Minister Abang Johari and the Chinese have also taken in by his ways of running the state administration and he is not far behind in popularity behind the late “Tok Nan”

Sim would have to weigh his options well as he knows that any others going into battle against Chong would be like a ‘sacrificial lamb” ready for slaughter. He might take it upon himself to win this seat and show that he does not run away from RESPONSIBILITY and WIN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE CHINESE COMMUNITY.

Whatever differences that the party has will be solved if he wins and banishes DAP Chong into the wilderness and the party to lick their wounds. We all know anything is possible in politics and no seat is safe until one is voted in.

The representative who takes care of his constituency,walks the talk and ensure that problems are solved to the best of their abilities will stand a better chance to be chosen as the Peoples Representative in the next elections.

This GE14 election would be a crossroad for Chong as he leads the battle for DAP taking the helm from the late Wong Ho Leng. The DAP Parliamentary seats will be hard fought battles as SUPP under Sim have regain some lost grounds. Their breakaway party in UPP  have also helped in maintaining and regaining previous seats held by SUPP.

Sim knows that if he goes to Stampin as a candidate it will be a WIN no doubt if he sees off DAP Dr.Kelvin but it would not be as SWEET as defeating Chong in his fortress.

Chong would want to defeat Sim in Stampin and it would be considered a win where both ADUNS are held by SUPP. It would benefit DAP more in this instance says a political observer.

The Battle of the Heavyweights would  definitely be a SOLD OUT ENCOUNTER and it would be on most peoples lips for many months to come.

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