Jangan Jadi “Jaguh Kampung” BN Wants to Win

The call by the Top Barisan Nasional Hierarchy is at the moment,”BN Wants to Win the General elections 2014.”(fullstop…)

There is no place for personal or party agendas. BN wants ONLY WINNABLE candidates and many seasoned and experience politicians fall into that category. There is no place also for infighting within the coalition and when the candidates have been named the coalition partners must abide.

aamawan68.jpgNewer and untested candidates will have to see their chance slip by them not because BN doesnt give chances to the newer fresh faced politicians but BN will want nothing less ,nothing more than to win the seats that their candidates are fielded.

A PBB Youth Exco when asked about their ‘new”candidates from their Youth wing to be chosen he was quick to point out that,”This is the mother of all elections and if any one from our wing are given the chance we will be grateful but we will have to work doubly hard.

The experience and seasoned politicians who have been through it before will deliver easily as they know what is expected of them. Only if the incumbent is bed ridden or have left us than it will be Fair to Replace them. BN must win and cannot afford any sort of complacency as this is a  Federal Election and its not a State Election says the youth exco..

On another note, many Penghulus and Tuai Rumahs when asked on the “RURAL ENCLAVED SEATS” said that they prefer the existing incumbents as most of them, if NOT ALL have worked well in their deliverance of government assisted projects and are ensuring that the rural developments projects reach them. The words uttered from them,” Orang lama ada banyak pengalaman dan sidak nya tahu apa tek kamek maok

The Incumbent MP for Saratok through a telephone call echoed these words to audie61,” “BN only wants to win the seats they contest. Nothing more,nothing less.

Every seat is crucial and each seat will have far reaching effect on the National count of BN seats in the final tally.

Hoping against Hope. The “Jaguh Kampung” concept and creating a fear factor for the coalition partners that if their candidates are not fielded support will be lost must not surface.

We need to subscribe in that it is a national mission for BN to win only and not “THIS IS MY SEAT AND ONE MUST NOT TOUCH IT.” This is especially true only to a POINT for the parties in question and if the opposition is not up to the mark.

The GE14 is not just another election for BN but they will need to win more or maintain the 25 seats which BN won in Sarawak and the 133 seats totality. The moral obligation for all parties is to adhere to the top hierarchy that their seats they traditionally owned would be given to those who will win the seats for BN.

In other words the candidates that stands a better chance to deliver for BN,says Mawan.

It has been reported in the news media that PDP have named their candidate Subeng Mula to stand as their party candidate. But on the ground it does seem he is playing catch up to the BN Incumbent.

Is it a little too late for him or the party to be working on the ground now? That Hope is slipping away.

He should have worked the ground ever since the incumbent “quit” the party to form TERAS and stake his claim there and then. The BN incumbent would certainly be in an uncomfortable position if the party had done it then don’t you think?

PDP knows that the Incumbent is an experienced,seasoned and a likeable politician and it will be very difficult to rule him out. Whispers are abound that a solution is forthcoming and we just need to keep our ears on the ground 

We too wonder, what it is and while you are reading this don’t forget to seek the answers below. 

These are some of the articles which shows the BN incumbent doing his work and winning the support of the majority of the people of the constituency.

The BN Incumbent knows how difficult it was to turn the tide around for BN in 2013 and he is still moving and meeting the people who elected him in as their Parliamentarian. The majority are supporting him to be retain as they see him as the most winnable and people/centric parliamentarian.

BN does not have much choice and for them to put an untested candidate for GE14 for Saratok if only the “Incumbent did not work and the people protested and are totally vocal and against the Incumbent”. (If that is the case, nothing else could be said and audie61 would not even want to dwell on this subject as netcitizens and mass media would termed us as BONKERS”)

The situation for BN is otherwise and the majority as shown by the pictures shown speaks volumes.

amawan889.jpgOf course the decision to field the BN candidates and for them to receive the blessings would depend very much on the PM and the top BN hierarchy.

Mawan knows he cannot stop working the ground as an incumbent his duty is to fulfill his obligations to the constituents who elected him in until Parliament is dissolved. 

The inevitable gets closer as GE14 is just round the corner and the Incumbent BN MP Mawan like most of his colleagues in the Parliament would need to be nominated and receive the certificate from BN to stand for GE14.  

Even MP Tiong the President of PDP knows its up to PM Najib and CM Sarawak to give him the stamp of approval to stand in Bintulu and likewise Mawan and all other BN candidates nationally.

Nothing More.Nothing Less is the call and BN wants to Win Only.