“RESPEK SIKIT” for a stronger and Broader BN Support

In the general elections in 2013 Barisan Nasional won 133 seats in the 222-seat to form the Federal Government with Sarawak BN winning 25 out of the 31 seats it contested. Sabah contributed 22 out of 25 seats. The combination of both East Malaysian States delivered to BN was 47 out of 133.

GE14 according to many in the political fields be it the mass media or the alternative media they all have termed it the “mother of all elections” The 222 candidates will need a new mandate from the people in their constituencies to be elected to Parliament. One vote winning margin is still a win and that is a fact.

Within the coalition of BN or Pakatan there are still many unresolved issues which needs to be addressed before they go into the battle. Sarawak with CM Abang Johari  who is an experience campaigner and a veteran politician at the helm will want to prove his mettle. He will not want the problems besetting many others in other states to influence his and PM’s choice for his candidates to be fielded.

He knows too that Pakatan Coalition members are still jostling not only for State seats but also Parliamentary seats. There are issues too in Selangor,Penang and also PKR have set aside political differences for Anwar and Mahathir to work together to end BN rule.

BN Sarawak in 2016 who won convincingly 72 out of 82 State Seats against Pakatan. Abang Johari now leading the charge for GE14 would want to achieve the same if not better than the 25 it achieved in 2013.

The 31 Parliamentary seats for BN Sarawak would also face many challengers and the BN hierarchy would want the figures to be better if not maintained.  Sabah BN faces a big challenge from the opposition in the newly formed “Warisan party” and if the opposition makes inroads Sarawak will hold the “Golden Key” for BN in the final count.

CM Sarawak and PM Najib does not want to ‘rock the boat’ too much and many incumbents who are loyal,winnable and able to deliver the BN seats would still be considered to be candidates.

The unhealthy spat in the news media for the SUPP/UPP will need to be addressed. The other lingering matter for BN which Pakatan have earmarked as seats that they will win is the Saratok,Baram and Mas Gading and this involves PDP and their former members who left to form TERAS.

aamawanCM Sarawak would be very please with the picture which shows current PDP SG Nogeh and former SPDP SG Sylvester entry hugging in public.

This is a step forward which is a very positive political perception for BN and PDP.

Mawan himself  a BN Incumbent MP for Saratok has always stressed the importance of  “Showing a bit of Respect for a Stronger and Broader support for BN“. Mawan with his political experience and having won many elections against the opposition knows that this election will not be a “ride through the park” for BN Sarawak.

This is in particular for his former party PDP if political differences are not put aside. This is for the better good of Sarawak BN and BN Malaysia as a whole.

Mahathir as Pakatan leader has even put aside his differences they say,” “lupakan sengketa lama buat sementara waktu” with Anwar,Mat Sabu,Lim Kit Siang. There are no sworn political enemies in this context for them.

Mawan and Tiong are very much friends outside of politics. This is especially so if one was to read this article. https://audie61.wordpress.com/2017/05/10/mawan-and-tiongunbreakable-friendship/

We know very well that their political differences were very much due to surrounding forces who are all too eager to serve their own personal agendas instead of looking at the BIG PICTURE for BN in totality. Mawan has served previously as party President and he is in no hurry to replace Tiong and that should never be an issue whatsoever.

The recent joining of enemies for Pakatan has open up an avenue for all within the BN coalition to patch up and go as a United force in GE14 

Both of them however have very strong Barisan Bond and the phrase below will see them through these most challenging of times and it will be sooner rather than later where you will both see them together for the better good of the rakyat of Sarawak.

“We must not allow such sense of emotional attachment to get the better of us until we take a compromising stand on SOME POLITICAL MATTERS and fail to see the bigger picture that concerns the health,unity and stability of the State Barisan Nasional. There is no problem that is too big or small to be taken to the Barisan discussion table and be resolved in the true spirit of the Barisan Nasional.”

This will indeed  put a big smile in the faces of CM Abang Jo and PM Najib. SUPP and UPP will also need to settle their differences and their political alignment is very much BN as all their members are very much in the BN stable.

There are no “SWORN ENEMIES”as we have written earlier and BN Sarawak will know best how to address the issue at hand. 

BN Sarawak has looked after the needs of Sarawakians as a whole and in Barisan Nasional they have a ruling government who will not side step the State. This is clearly shown when the State won convincingly many Ministers and Deputy Ministers were chosen from the 25 Sarawak Parliamentarians who ensured the win and contributed for BN Malaysia.

The Respect and Broader Base Support as Mawan puts it will have a far reaching effect which ensures that BN Malaysia will go United as a Force to fight the battle in the “mother of all elections” against the opposition in GE14.