“Arm with Desire to be YB”

aaudie561Everyone no matter who they are, their intentions when they join politics in due course they all aspire to serve in a higher capacity as a YB be it a State Assemblyman or a Member of Parliament or in any other capacities. It’s a fact and they would be lying through their teeth if it is not so. 

Many though failed not through no fault of their own so they say or commitment but more so through their IMPATIENCE and also being OVERZEALOUS. Politics is a long haul and not a short journey says an Emeritus Professor to audie61.

When Hishammudin Hussein came out openly with the statement” Most careful selection of electoral candidates ever.” he is emphasising  the same message by PM Najib and DPM Zahid. They have years of experience and going into this GE14 they will vet through all the aspiring BN candidates very carefully.

Najib as the commander in chief and his able Assistant Zahid and all other Generals would not want to go to an election campaign and fail miserably. They know that the Pakatan Alliances would give it their best shot and thus they must be very well prepared.

The Saratok Parliamentary seat says the Emeritus Professor is a very unique seat and in 2013 Mawan coasted to a comfortable win against all odds instead of been a victim of PKR’s ‘giant kiiling act”. There were many within the same fold who turned against the BN coalition and his candidacy and assisted the opposition in more ways than one.

The BN Incumbent MP Mawan has done very well and he said if his memory does not fail him Saratok even managed to scoop the Special Affairs Department (or Jasa) Programme Membantu Rakyat (Membara) competition 2014 just barely a year after he took office as a NEW PARLIAMENTARIAN.

That’s a big achievement of some sort and Saratok is one among 14 parliamentary constituencies which won out of 222 Parliamentary constituencies in Malaysia. 

The  Emeritus Professor continued by using the words of  Pemanca Edward Gila Baul saying,”Mawan is instrumental in ensuring the implementation of development projects in the constituency runs systematically. If you do not have the energy to run around or the perseverance it would be hard to catch up with him (Mawan). He seems to be everywhere.

 The Emeritus Professor reiterated and said that,”Mawan is a proven political winnable entity and in politics there are no short cuts and he is very loyal to the BN Coalition and not only Saratok will benefit if he chosen as a candidate for GE14 but the country as a whole. Mawan is a True and loyal BN Blue and the BN hierarchy knows best.

The PDP lobbyists should have come out in 2016 and lobbied hard instead of only now which is the 11 (eleventh hour) showing that they deserve to be mentioned as a candidate for BN.

Emeritus Professor further questioned their political credentials,”There have No Capacity, Very little Resources, No Experience and Not enough Ability to unseat The Incumbent MP205″

Mawan’s commitment is unmatched and is not at LOGGERHEADS with the PDP lobbyists.
Mawan does not leave it to Chances. His efforts and intensity for BN shows he is working Day and Night to ensure BN remains a strong foothold in SARATOK.”

Mawan has prioritised BN interests above all personal agendas and as BN Incumbent he has shown EXEMPLARY example and his people/centric ways is being felt throughout the constituency.

This model which Mawan works on is also highlighted by Hishammuddin Hussein as far as personal interest is concerned.

audie61 called Mawan and he does not want to be drawn into the activities of the other 2 PDP lobbyists Subeng Mula and Dr.James Chella. They are moving around and its their democratic right he said but Basil Thomas have since closed ranks and moved together with him as he knows it very clearly that Mawan is representing BN and still the Member of Parliament.

Mawan was further asked on this statement by Mas Gading MP Anthony Nogeh “Well, the choice of candidate is the prerogative of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as national BN chairman and Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg as state Barisan Nasional chairman. 

Mawan said,“It’s a fair statement and my Parliamentary colleague is spot on as far as BN is concern.’

For now, Mawan continues to attend to his constituencies needs and wants and as far as he is concerned,”as long as my mind and body still remains steady and strong I will continue to serve and attend functions in the Saratok constituency. To be given the honour and chance for a second term it would mean that he has done his work as required in his first full term as BN Parliamentarian.”

Emeritus Professor concluded by giving us this phrase,” The best soldier does not attack. The superior fighter succeeds without violence.The greatest conquerorwins without struggle. The most successful leader is one who does not dictact.


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