“Hypothetical Equation” at Parliamentary Seat of Saratok

3 multiply 3 is equal to 9. Unless our mathematics are so poor or we misheard or calculate wrongly it will be 6. 

In the final analysis and count Barisan Nasional must get it right or the seat will fall to the opposition ON A SILVER PLATTER. In GE13 Mawan garnered 11,600 votes against Ali’s 9,519 votes to score a majority of 2,081 votes.

The question now as GE14 approaches on most if not all voters lips in Saratok is that who will be fielded as Barisan Nasional Candidate in the Parliamentary seat of 205 ?

As we recall, in 2013 BN Saratok grassroots leaders including potential candidates Saratok incumbent Jelaing Mersat (SPDP senior vice president), Chambai Lindong (SPDP supreme council member) and Dr James Chela joined more than 300 others at Rumah Dayak Saratok hall to express their displeasure and anger over BN’s selection of Mawan.

Didn’t Mawan pull the “rabbit out of the hat” by beating all odds, negative perceptions and criticisms thrown at him?

BN will remember it very well as Mawan said this,”I have to start working right away as the people of Saratok have given me the mandate.”

True to his words , he has worked non stop as a Fresh Faced Parliamentarian and he even managed to turn many PKR sympathisers to return back and give undivided support to the ruling government. Mawan have reached out and garnered a much broader support and now most “Ketua kampungs, Ketua Masyarakat” are very much with him.

Peter Nyarok the defeated BN/SPDP assemblyman for Krian had previously managed to have around 5000 and thereabouts SPDP members with him but many now have joined TERAS as infighting within PDP persist.

amawan88.jpgThe figures of 3658 registered TERAS VOTERS in Krian are like music to the ears of the top BN hierarchy. However TERAS members are not exactly bosom buddy with PDP eventhough they are a political offshoot from them. The spokesman for TERAS have this to say,’all TERAS members are voters in the place where they register. This is a fact and we will not just pick the numbers from nowhere.”

There are too much infighting amongst themselves that the members of TERAS Krian have thrown their undivided support towards the incumbent BN/MP Mawan. 

This statement at Dinner function at Victoria Inn Saratok from Tr.Ensiriban,” Kitai mesti bebendar nyukong Tan Sri, anang bula madah diri nyukong tang udah nya nadai. Semua kitai ka ditu malam tu mesti nyukong enggau penghabis ati”

The BN scouters or those who are giving reports to the Hierarchy knows PDP followers are very few and can be counted like 3 multiplying by 3 or 30 multiplying by 30 in the whole of Saratok itself (Krian,Kabong and Kalaka). We are not here to belittle PDP in totality as the numbers in Saratok will of course be very detrimental to BN.

amawan2Our sources informed us that the lobbyists with GE14 in the horizon are very much at each others “throats but also their heads” and trying to impress the PDP leadership of their capabilities and showing their political acumen.

Sad to say that PDP in Saratok with this ongoing tussle is being “FRAGMENTED AND DIVIDED”. It is as good as NON EXISTENT and to play a lead role in Saratok Parliament will be obviously be a Sacrificial Lamb in GE14.

amawan3.jpgMawan the BN MPSaratok Incumbent who is working as usual on the ground in a telephone conversation from Saratok said this,”Stay together,No Need to go against the sentiments at the expense of solidarity of the people in Saratok.” 

BN knows that TERAS members is very much a force in the area of Saratok and the 3658 registered voters in Krian only will tilt the balance for an easy win or a lost seat for BN. They, the members have shown their allegiance to the BN Incumbent and Tiong the President of PDP must be very careful of the consequences or he will face the third (3) loss in his tenure as sitting president.

He will need to weigh all options and the BN hierarchy will need to evaluate further as this TERAS renewed support is overwhelming.

PKR and Pakatan Sarawak are watching with hawks eyes and in their analysis they have already penned down this a most winnable seat to wrestle from BN Saratok if Mawan is not fielded.

They know for a fact that Mawan have done a tremendous job as a parliamentarian,well liked,command strong grass root support and has the backing of the broader support from Kalaka and Kabong assemblyman.

If BN Incumbent Mawan is fielded the opposition will face a REALITY CHECK. It will be tough for them in the next round for the State election as BN will go all out to wrestle back the State seat.

It does remain a very hypothetical equation and TERAS with its members are no pushovers and they will be the main force and PDP President will do well to  be “chummy with them” and get them on the bandwagon to ensure that Krian their state seat be won back with their assistance.

BN  wants to win this seat and they too do not want to have another slap in their face with PDP’s insistence of going by the traditional and accorded seat.

The top BN hierarchy will have the final say and the BN SG Tengku Adnan had this to say on the distribution of seats amongst the component parties,”Still discussing… no decision yet, we leave it to chairperson (Najib Abdul Razak)”

Many incumbents within BN will know their fate when the “WATIKAH” is handed out by the BN hierarchy and for now Mawan is still working the ground tirelessly to ensure that BN will still maintain a strong grip on Saratok.

The peoples support for BN Incumbent Mawan has not wavered ever since he took office in 2013 but has grown by leaps and bounds and this is clearly seen by the unwavering support by the constituents in all his functions and his walkabouts in the area.

When Mawan said,”Stay Together…” he would not have just said to score political points as he knows that most of the constituents of Saratok that he interacts are willing the BN hierarchy for him on to be retained as BN Candidate in GE14. 

TERAS a BN friendly party have made their stance and  the BN election committees understands that all avenues needs to be studied carefully and will put it in their report card to be presented to the top BN hierarchy.

3658 registered voters is indeed a huge number and BN knows the consequences of an  outright hypothetical swing in the final equation.