Mawan the BN Strongest “Link”

When one talks about the “Link”we will  always associate it with the  “The Weakest Link ”

 The first original episode was broadcast on 14 August 2000 and the original run ended on 31 March 2012.However the format has been licensed across the world, with many countries producing their own version. 

amawanWhen it comes to Saratok Parliamentary seat Mawan the Incumbent MP represents the “strongest link” for Barisan Nasional to retain the seat and it would be “penny wise and pound foolish” for PDP to claim the seat as their own.

Why was this phrase chosen?

Simple,”occasionally used for being very careful about unimportant matters and careless   about important ones.” PDP the party is using the traditional political way of bargaining for their seats but most importantly have forgotten about the BROADER SUPPORT BASE.

There are also many within the party PDP who knows that the (3) lobbying candidates  will have a tough time convincing the top BN hierarchy as “most of them if not all” are in one way previously connected or associated with the opposition party in PKR.

There are pictures attached to some of the reports and moreover with intel sources on the ground giving updated accounts on their activities all these surely cannot escape the eyes of the Barisan Nasional Election Committee. This is unless BN decides to hand over the seat to PKR on a platter which PKR would gladly accept.

All BN coalition party members are trying to put in their most winnable candidates and  Mawan who is partyless for the “TIME BEING  does have the prerequisite to ensure that Saratok Parliamentary Seat remains a BN Stronghold after the GE14 which is due soon.

Zahid the DPM has hinted again that the 14th general election (GE14) will be held before Hari Raya Aidilfitri. “We have just celebrated Chinese New Year. Next, we will celebrate Aidilfitri. “However, before that Hari Raya, we will have another ‘Raya’ (general election)”

On November 17th 2017 he saidWho is working hard and who are not working hard, I know. “I know who is lobbying to be a candidate even though they are lazy. Some were lazy but are now hardworking, I know,”

In 2013 Mawan who was BN’s nominated candidate had only about 10 days to campaign and he pulled the rabbit out of the hat by defeating the ‘Krian Giant Killer” Ali Biju of PKR by majority of 2,081 votes.

Mawan to justify the faith put in by the BN hierarchy has continuously served the ground, being people/centric, accommodating to all races and have unified many to the BN fold.

BN Incumbent Mawan have put in nearly 5 years of his parliamentary life into it and build the LINK which the BN does not want it broken as their BN man have managed to whiten it from a seemingly grey area.

There are of course, some fragments within the constituency who does have their own opinions about him but after seeing the good work being done are slowly coming to their political senses and giving the BN Incumbent a solid backing.

amawan232.jpgSad to say though, some within PDP cannot accept the fact that the Incumbent MP have done more than a good job but still continues to paint him BLACK at every given opportunity.

 Mawan himself is a very senior and experience BN Politician and he is not only loyal to BN but as an BN Incumbent he does not need to be HUMILIATED by some of the unwarranted statements. He has taken all this in his chin but there will be a time when his loyalists members patience will also run thin.

The BN incumbent MP has instructed his men to stay on course and not to retaliate but to continue their work to convince and win over the voters to STRENGTHEN BARISAN NASIONAL.

Inspite of all the negativity that “some of the PDP party members” have portrayed about the BN Incumbent they according to the sources on the ground have still not come out openly against the Opposition PKR in the area.

Mawan is the BN incumbent and there are solid movements and indications on the ground wanting and persuading him to join a party of his choice.

This infact will be a total loss for PDP who not only will not have their traditional seat back but minimising their parliamentary influence. The PDP party faithful are not being realistic and most in the party are so fearful of Mawan coming back that they have even convinced their Party President Tiong and painted Mawan charcoal black.

BN Top Hierarchy will have their final say on Mawan’s candidacy and they will find a way to solve this IMBROGLIO which will not only benefit Barisan Nasional but will strengthen the LINK with the constituents of Saratok.



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