Sik “Nunjuk Dirik” No Bragging Rights but Execution.

Nya nang jenis sik suka “Ngeso-ngeso..!!” Sik pernah cakap besar,nunjuk diri, nya polah jak kerja. Cam tok YB kamek.  

The defining moments for any politician is of course the sweetness of winning an election . Those words above were uttered by voters who know their Parliamentarian well enough as since 1990 to 2013 they have given him a resounding mandate.

wan junaidiIt’s not that he is a man who is in a hurry. He is always on the move and when he walks he expects those with him to walk with him and if they can’t they need to run along with him. Ask any of those who have served with him and they will surely tell you.

When audie61 first met with the Parliamentarian MP Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar in 2004 he was telling us that he needs to redo his thesis as his computer has “somewhat crashed” We were wondering then why he needs to pursue “that piece of paper“as he is already an MP and an established lawyer by profession.

14 years down the line he is Malaysia’s Natural Resources and Environment Minister who has performed exemplary and of course with it comes “iri hati‘ or envious. It’s only normal as we are only human.

If I may, he was in a conversation which i overheard him saying Albert Einstein quote ” Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. So where does this lead us to pen our thoughts on him. 

We did write earlier  and also included a piece of him there.

Wan Junaidi is a man with very little words when he needs to execute things. He will just look at you and his ‘eyebrows’ will twitch and that is a sign he is serious and he wants it done immediately. Knowing him well enough, it is always “Rakyat First not Me.”

Of course, many in the political and government civil service will find it tough in the first place working with him and we are sure his family will testify to that.

What makes him the person he is will have to do with his upbringing and his time spent in the Police force where Discipline and Commitment was the order of the day.

As a Politician and a Member of the Malaysian Cabinet he is very careful with his words in the public domain and he knows any false or unwanted remarks will see a “barrage of criticisms” coming his way and ultimately affect the running of the administration.

When Suara PBB Sarawak Jiwa Bakti published an article on the Minister we thought we WILL NOT WANT TO SING PRAISES or go on overdrive to raise his stature. There is no point as the Minister is not what everyone thinks he is or have an “INFLATED EGO

88fad89c-c3a4-4bca-b28d-71ddaed6840fThe PBB Party faithful within his constituency knows how,why,what their Division Chief, Parliamentarian and Minister does and is more than capable of reaching out including the “touch and pulse points” of the constituents he serves and the nation as a whole.

There is no denying the fact that he is not “young” anymore in age but that doesn’t mean he is slow and incapable of making the right decisions and serving the nation wholeheartedly.

The lobbying to be candidate in the next GE14 is intense be it in PBB or any of the 31 available Parliamentarian seats in Sarawak. There are many factors to consider before the State BN Hierarchy and Federal BN hierarchy arrives at the decision.

We must however take note on what the DPM and PM have to say on the candidates for GE14, This quote by DPM and Deputy BN President in a statement, 

The call by Deputy PM Zahid Hamdi for BN candidates now are winnable,likeable and of course acceptable by the Top BN leadership.

PM Najib has this formula and he stressed that state BN component parties must nominate only the most winnable candidates. “Please give only winnable candidates and I want only winnable candidates. I don’t want your favourite persons to be candidates.”

In our eyes, the Minister Wan Junaidi has truly kept up to expectations and performed to the best of his ability and have made Sarawak proud to have a Parliamentarian that walks his talk. His voters will not have hesitation to utter this about the man.

“Mun nya diberik peluang sekali gik PRU tok, untong la kitak. Arap-arap..”




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