GE14 -“Battle Lines Drawn”

One can win Popular Votes but to win GE14 in Malaysia its all about first passing the magical number of 111 seats.

Thats the Political Reality and its not about to Change.

apas1222 seats is all there for the taking to form the Federal Government of Malaysia. Politics is taking centre stage as the country gears up for General Elections. Both sides of the political divide in theory are saying they have the ‘upper hand” as the voters are already in their pockets. Is that so?

One thing for sure though the theory should be backed by empirical evidence rather than speculation or hearsay. The ruling BN coalition in Sarawak and Sabah are not going to give up their safe bastions on a platter to the newly formed Pakatan alliances. The 56 seats are “Crystallized Gold Nuggets“and BN will not want Pakatan to make any further inroads. (Pakatan holds 10 out of 56 Parliamentary seats)

In the Peninsular of 166 seats there are many issues which both the coalitions have to address and the campaign tactics and strategy would be scrutinised by the voters. The feel on the ground is what makes and breaks an election campaign. We must not take for granted that simply assuming that because one political party is dominant victory is assured.

There is no room for ‘risk taking” on new and untested candidates for both coalitions and also for PAS be it in Peninsular or Sabah or Sarawak. One thing for certain their main aim will be to field the Candidate that will win them the seats first.

Its a fact though that it does take a lot of experience in elections to be able to devise a WINNING STRATEGY even though one might have some insights into the process. Whoever fails will need to look back at their election drawing boards. But it will be too late/

Its all about The Winnable Candidates and both these coalitions will use all known tactics and strategy to outdo each other and win the hearts plus the minds of the voters.

BN and Pakatan will not disclose their plans and strategies but in winning the war. However its the candidates who are picked who needs to win the battles on the ground to secure the war. parliament seats

We must always remember this,” one may have the greatest campaign plan ever written but if you can’t implement it, it is worthless. That’s where experience on the ground is so invaluable and could be the difference between winning and losing. 

The battle lines are already spelt out and Pakatan have fired their first salvo especially in Peninsular as they have announced their seat allocations.

Barisan Nasional will not take it lightly and will further tighten up their fortress in East Malaysia.

Without a doubt, all theories and political cases being canvassed or lobbied, it’s all about WINNABILITY ON THE GROUND  that matters in the end for the magical 111 number.


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