The platform was set. The people of Saratok were ushering in the New Year 2018. This was not a rehearsed speech and it was very spontaneous. A very Senior Administrator  serving the Government of the Day had kind words for an Elected Parliamentarian.

4fefba5c-9293-4db1-92c2-e1cc31db6dadHe mentioned,” We know No Other Candidate Except Tan Sri Mawan” His words are not Praising him or an Election speech but what is Significant is that he knows very well that the Incumbent MP of Saratok has delivered in his term and have been very people/centric.

Many have benefited with the development which the MP has seen and attended to. Mawan who is a BN/MP even though he is partyless for now is making the right calls at the corridor of powers to be the renominated for a second (2nd) term to represent the voice of Saratok

The constituents of Saratok knows about the intense lobbying which usually comes around during elections. 3 names from the party PDP have been submitted to BN which the people know “very little and a bit  lighweight” as compared to the opposition front.  (see below link of earlier article) 


Saratok people from all races, religious backgrounds are already very contented and unified with the Incumbent MP and they certainly will not want “someone new” who will make grand promises but still uncertain to deliver as their representative.

Mawan in his foray in his Maiden Parliamentarian election did enough damage to the opposition to win by a majority of 2081 dampening Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) dream of having a parliamentary seat in Sarawak’s rural area.

There are certainly talks of having a rematch between the two.

Sources on the ground have downplayed this but interestingly the Assemblyman of Krian knows he will WIN OUTRIGHT against any other BN candidate besides Mawan. 


Ali knows the 3 personalities better than anyone as they were at one time moving around using the same umbrella.

Mawan a seasoned politiion is quick to point out,” Sun Tzu said one must always engage the enemy on your terms and not on your enemy’s terms. You must also decide when and how the engagement should happen and an attack must be a surprise and not anticipated.

Furthermore, you much engage the enemy on your turf and not on your enemy’s turf. So you must draw the enemy onto your turf and never get drawn onto your enemy’s turf. Most importantly, use deception to defeat the enemy and let your enemy think you are attacking from the right when you are actually attacking from the left.”

Mawan’s lobbyists are all politically envious of him but they fail to understand  that he has a proven track record and has worked tremendously hard.

apeop1 (1)His amazing personality has seen him carry on regardless of the obstacles which he first encountered in 2013 in Saratok where he said,”we also need to bring all the necessities for an election campaign from a neighbouring constituency. We had only 10 days to prepare and there was hardly support from those who are “SUPPOSED” to assist the BN machinery.

The people have put their trusts to Mawan as their Parliamentarian and he has delivered in his first term. It is not easy to win the hearts and minds of Saratok constituents and Mawan knows that too.

Mawan is buoyant about his chances and he remains Grounded and ensures his action does the talking. He knows his detractors are ever ready to pounce on him if he lets loose his guard.  

The Incumbent BN MP205 Saratok has earned his praises and is looking forward to continue to serve the people he represents.

The BN Hierarchy knows very well Mawans Value and the Grassroots have made their voices heard. It is without a doubt that “there is no other….. “