“Authenticity” Mawan MP205

What does the press/media love about Mawan? It’s his Authenticity .

authenticityThere is nothing short of his leadership qualities when he answers questions with calmness,there is no air of ‘aloofness’ , he always respects the journalistic views and opinions. The media plays a significant role in his political journey and he himself is very mindful of that.

The constituents of Saratok have greatly benefited too as he has shown to be the Member of Parliament they can trust and who sticks to his guns in deliverance. He is not without ‘flaws” too but above all he is a willing learner and he tries his utmost to put wrongs to rights.This can be attributed to his over 20 years  years serving as Minister in the State Government.

When the lobbyists are attacking him as BN/MP incumbent from all quarters he takes it in his stride and walks that extra mile. It does seem until today the PDP lobbyists have not politically attack the opposition but instead have given “PROMINENCE ON THE POPULARITY” of the PKR Krian assemblyman in Ali Biju. 


A lobbyists James Chella even have kind words,”Ali Biju is a good man.He is being honest with the people. When he got no money,he told the rakyat frankly.”

Now another lobbyists Basil Thomas has thrown caution to the wind,”Unless someone is willing to give way or the party’s top leaders and BN leadership intervenes,the situation in Saratok can be a bit confusing.

Subeng Mula meanwhile talks about,”mission and vision in Saratok to bring more development and socio-economic progress in the parliamentary constituency.”

It must be noted that during the 2013 elections SPDP in Saratok was in disarray and Mawan and his team not only managed to defeat the popular Ali Biju by a sound majority.

The Press Media published this,”major feat considering Ali’s growing popularity as assemblyman for Krian (one of the state seats under Saratok) and the open defiance showed by some SPDP members in Saratok who did not agree to his nomination.”  Wednesday August 21st 2013

The Chief Minister of Sarawak Abang Jo have worked with Mawan in his time as Minister and he knows Mawan well enough to address him as “POK” which is only used locally by those who feels ‘comfortable and close”to the person.

The PM Najib was the commander in chief who came down personally to lend support to Mawan when others have mixed feelings on his candidacy. 

Mawan have been working the ground for his constituency since 2013 and have not stopped since being elected as a first timer Parliamentarian. On June 17th 2017 he talked about “Imbroglio in Saratok” and his willingness to RELINQUISH the Pakan State seat.


The electorate have shifted towards him and in recognition of that most of them are hoping and pinning their hopes of him serving them for a 2nd Term as their VOICE in Parliament.

The MP for Saratok tries in his capacity to uplift the constituents livelihood by showing them the way through government aided programmes. This has greatly benefited the families their economic struggles and yielded many plus points.

There are a now a lot more BELIEVERS who want to be part of  Mawan’s political journey for Saratok. 

One voter said about the MP,”it is hard to judge his strengths (beyond an almost superhuman resilience) when you consider the obstacles placed in his path.” There has been a lot of opposition before in 2013 and Mawan pulled through with a solid majority and delivered. Mawan will deliver the seat to BN without question.

The lobbyists are facing an uphill struggle and they should have got their targets right instead of working for self interest and HOPING to be the chosen one.

BN intelligence knows a thing or two and they will not be misled by voices appearing at the dawn of an election.

Mawan’s Authenticity and his Patience Trait in his political journey is a media dream and he will will always give the journalists something to pursue. 

Mawan will gladly put it ,”It’s not about style. It’s the person inside of you,