Mawan,”It’s Time for Consolidation…”

It’s that time of year again. December has come and with it all the joys of Christmas.

The people of Saratok will certainly experience the cheers and happiness. The organising committee under the Saratok MP together with the Kalaka and Kabong ADUNS  plus various agencies in Saratok have lined up a very comprehensive programme.

  1.  Pre-Christmas Gathering Open House on 23rd December 2017
  2.  Saratok Regatta 26th-29th December 2017
  3.  “Ambang Tahun Baru 2018”

The MP Saratok is very enthusiastic and very happy with the preparations being put in by all concerned. The support by the people towards the upcoming events is overwhelming and Mawan puts it as “A Show of Unity by all Races in Saratok”  aamawan christmas

Mawan commented that this was all possible as in his first term as a Parliamentarian he has focused on Consolidating the Support Base.

Mawan further explained that,’Its persuasive and accommodating at the same time and nothing to shy which the people will support when you carry out your duties as a People’s representative.

He continued, “Don’t Condemn” those who opposed you but when you are persuasive enough you will be able to unify everyone. The benchmark  is set for Saratok and  everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits as the development plans of Saratok intensifies with various initiatives and people-centric projects lined up.

On the sidelines from the upcoming events, the Incumbent BN MP touched on some political viewpoints for BN. He said he has consolidated the BN stronghold and have made considerable headway into the ‘kelabu hitam” (greyish black areas) of the opposition in Krian which BN did not do too well in 2013.

All efforts are being intensified and he continued,”one should be well prepared before engaging the enemy in a battle instead of fighting on the off-chance.”

Barisan Nasional knows that they have the right man for the tasks ahead and if any of the lobbyists are fielded they will be seen as “fodder” or “easy meat” for the opposition in GE14.

Mawan doesn’t want to blow his trumpet but he knows how to win a battle and he says the WORST is yet to come and he is well prepared to face the people for a fresh mandate  for a 2nd term as a Member of Parliament to represent the Saratok Constituency.

His political experience in winning the peoples hearts for BN will be vital for the coalition and when he touched on this subject of winning an election his eyes brightens up and he is ever ready to utilise his years of polltical experience.

He goes on to say that coaxing and luring them to your side is no easy feat but with positive persuasion they will eventually see the light of the day.

His words are nothing short of inspiration and he does feel somewhat “sorry”for the lobbyists when they appear to go head on against him.

What have they done against the opposition in PKR? Seriously, for the lobbyists it’s a little too late to wage a war now against PKR when they should have done it much earlier.

Mawan has consolidated the Fort for BN in Saratok and his political expertise will be invaluable for the ruling coalition. PDP will want the seats but it’s sad though that their lobbyists have not done enough to Justify the Faith the BN have in them.

It goes without saying that Barisan Nasional knows who their man is and deliver this  seat, ‘there is no need to talk about war,if an army has no certainty about its victory; and there is no need to talk about attack,if an attack is no certain to bring about the downfall of an enemy stronghold”

The majority of Saratok constituents are comfortable with Mawan who consolidates and unify them. They will stop at nothing to ensure that he continues to be their voice. The BN Federal Chairman and State BN Chairman have taken note of this too.

amawan17.jpgFor now the people of  Saratok will enjoy the year end activities and programmes put forward by the organising committee and they will be come out in numbers to show their appreciation.

Mawan “Welcomes all and wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018”


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