Marudi…”Very Intense Lobbying”

“The incumbent Marudi assemblyman will be the Barisan Nasional ( BN) candidate in the next election as there has been no changes so far in the announcement by Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Adenan Satem in Marudi on two occasions last year.”

awang1The above statement came from Vice-President of PBB and a Senior Minister in Adenan’s Administation in Awang Tengah. Our political analyst says that.” it does seem a losts cause for Dr Penguang Manggil, the former permanent secretary to Local Government and Community Development Ministry,”

He has been identified by SPDP as their candidate to represent the party. The lobbyists for SPDP have been active in the cyberspace and they have concentrated their aims at TERAS/UPP seats for fear that the incumbents are the wants picked by CM Sarawak Adenan.

Adenan himself have made it clear,”It’s all about WINNABILITY for BN and precisely what that means it is the candidate must be acceptable,responsible and reliable to the coalitions cause of the WINNING THE SEAT .

It is not wrong to lobby but sometimes the reports that filter back to the CM’s department have been very “gung-ho” and to make matters worse the noises that comes from the ceramahs are very disturbing. The lobbyists who speaks at the ceramahs knows what have been said and they know some of their words used will come back to haunt their lobbied candidate.

Words that come out from the mouths are not retractable and the damages done have far reaching effects. Vice President of PBB Awang Tengah would not have come out openly to defend the Marudi Incumbent if he has not been given the “blessings” from the hierarchy.

Writings also will not be so easily erased and in the cyber space the eyes are there to detect what is written. These words will do more harm to the lobbying party,”

That’s the situation facing Teras and UPP now. They can’t help saying they are members of BN again and again because, the time they decide they should stop behaving like an old vinyl record plate with a broken grove, they have lost the fight and they are as good as dead.

So whether they or you, especially you, like it or not, people like William Mawan and Wong Soon Koh will continue to repeat, repeat and repeat – we are BN, look at us we are still ministers and assistant ministers and we still approve projects, distribute grants and fly in government helicopters.”

There are enough seats to cater for the Barisan Coalition and CM Adenan knows what needs to be done,not to be done and how it has to be done. He will sooner rather than later solve all speculations on the distribution of the seats and will not want the lobbyists to create more hate and venom into an already Intense Inferno.

Everyone will try to champion for their intended candidates but it must be within the realms of politicking and not over and above. The VOTING RAKYAT are watching closely and we were informed directly that ,”The intense infighting between UPP/SUPP and also SPDP/TERAS will have adverse effect on BN. Even the rural voters are able to get information first hand in this cyber age and they too will be affected and will not waste their votes.”

CM will know who is not an “old vinyl record plate with a broken grove,” Has the writer seen too much the LIVING DEAD that he has to use “they have lost the fight and are as good as dead.” Let us not all speak too soon as we might need to eat back our words.

Ooooo Haaaaa…!!!!



One thought on “Marudi…”Very Intense Lobbying”

  1. Veteran Political Analyst says:

    Now that Sarawak DUN has been dissolved to give way to the next Sarawak general election common people like me are praying, hoping and watching that CM Adenan will take this opportunity to right the wrong that have been committed under his predecessor, by nominating the right candidates. He should be wise and sincere enough to make his decisions based on the character, leadership quality and capability and the winnability of the persons. He must be bold and brave enough to drop certain incumbents especially those who has been there for many years and those whose moral standing are highly controversial and tainted. Along those lines we would expect new candidates for Marudi, Pekan, Telang Usan, Sibu and a few others. Sometimes I wonder, if those character are Malay/Melanau would CM Adenan still keep them. Winning matters very much in election as this but winning with the right people in “Team Adenan” will put Sarawak on the right track, and the positive outcome to Sarawak in the future will be great. I have nothing personal against those candidates, as a concerned man on the street those are our wish list and our prayer. Many of us the silent majority cannot imagine the negative repercussion it have on our community and society at large if Adenan choose status quo.

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