Ugly Head-Fighting Back? A New Perspective..

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Today the world is seeing Syrians fleeing their homeland going in numbers to Europe and with it will bring fresh problems which if not contained will escalate into race and racial divides. Its a very thin line and the immigrants or refugees will have no fear whatsoever as they have crossed the harshest of terrain and even faced the FEAR which many of us have not even know what it is.

In Malaysia race/religion/racial have reached fever pitched with BERSIH4 and today the RED RALLY which if not properly checked, will only worsen as each NGO groups are trying to outwit and outdoeach other to gain popularity or making a statement which will have very NEGATIVE PERCEPTION to the outside world in particular foreign investments. Foreign investments pulling out from an instable country and economy besieged with problems will mean loss of jobs and the economy will be affected.

The Prime…

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