Ridhuan Tee Abdullah”Internal Investigation..?”

adscaPKR will not let go of this issue so easily. Certainly they will be an investigation by the relevant authorities an aides close to the Chief Minister Adenan.

He too will not just let this incident be brushed under the carpet as it will affect his credibility as a leader who has yet to be tested in a battle ,”the State Elections.”

How the AXE COMES DOWN on those responsible is not in our hands and we know for a fact that CM Adenan will not let up until he smoke those responsible out of their FOXHOLES.

We know Adenan “has a very Fierce Face” when he mentioned it in his 100 days Interview. But beneath his face he has a kind heart but when he is angered he doesn’t show unlike the “HULK” but he will investigate it fully. He for one does not want to see any divisions within PBB and to those who thinks that they can DERAIL HIS PLANS through this they must have tuned into the WRONG CHANNEL.

This we extracted from Adenan. We are sure that he will not let up on this matter or else his good work will just be flushed out in an instant.

At a press conference to mark his 100 days as Chief Minister, he said racism and religious intolerance were “not in character with the people of Sarawak”.

“We have lived harmoniously all these many years and it is my responsibility to see that we, people of all races and culture, continue to live harmoniously together,” he said.

“May 13 never happened here. As far as Sarawak is concerned, May 13 (race riots in 1969) was a distant thunder on the other side of the hill.”

This is the strongest yet from CM Adenan,”One way to safeguard the harmony in the state, he said, was to keep religious fanatics and racists “of all colours” out.