CM Adenan remains Firm,” Don’t Mess With Me..!!”

CM Sarawak Adenan said illegal logging activities had jeopardised the state’s efforts to promote sustainable forest management practices and promised to bring all the culprits and their abettors “to face the wrath of the law”.

asatem11He also told opposition members to join the fight against illegal logging. “Do not to make excuses that the fear for their life discouraged them from lodging a police report.
“Any report in any form – written, phone call, SMS, email or any social media – to the Forest Department shall be promptly responded.
Do not talk only in this August House. Your talk in this House must be translated into actions.


JANGAN CAKAP BESAR (AJAK)- { Don’t only talk BIG…..}

He also expect his enforcement officers to go all out to fight this menace and will not hesitate to investigate them if they are working together with the illegal smugglers/loggers. The MACC and the long arm of the law will come down hard on them.

CM Adenan means business and the talk of the town is ,”DON’T MESS WITH ME”