Adenan “Anymore Surprises in Store..?”

 Are there any more genuinely new touch points to the people coming from the Administration of the CM Adenan?

dun18Even the writer was surprised when an opposition YB in the present DUN sitting said that the CM is getting it right so far. However he said it has won the CM popular support from the Sarawak people but it does seem that not many YBs from BN are coming forward to lend him the moral support and elevate his CM status higher.

Our friendly political source who have been in the DUN said,” BN Ybs are not crossing the line as such but they are fully behind Adenan eventhough the opposition are not seeing it.”


Could this press statement by Chong Chieng Jen DAP Sarawak Chairman who spoke to a reporter which might be publish ,”Tell CM Adenan to take away  Awang Tengahs Ministry and give it to Abang Johari.?


This is just throwing oil to start a FIRE within PBB. This is surely a below the belt tactic by DAP to start a War within PBB who is without a doubt the backbone of BN Sarawak.

We got wind of this statement when Chong was in the press room and its confirmed that words of this nature was spoken but we have rephrased it not to hurt the BN Ministers. Even a senior journalists remarked.” It’s a proxy fight and it will hurt BN if they fall into the trap or it could even be a blessing in disguise.

Well you justs have to be at the final day of the DUN sitting to hear more maybe from DUN Dudong or DUN Pending showing their innovativeness or stale tactics which to many have seen it too often.

SEE YOU THERE.. CM ADENAN is on duty at 2.15pm..