Adenan on Two Hard Hitting Fronts..

inteThis is what you see and this is what Adenan is and he is as real as the person who is CM of Sarawak today and a no nonsense style in administration has always been his trademark.

Adenan did not minced his words when he said,” no longer tolerate those who have eyes but are blind, have ears but are deaf and have mouths but are dumb”.

Also he continued, “Some (enforcement officers) have said they are afraid of gangsters, that they are afraid of receiving bullets in the mail. Well, you tell them, ‘Adenan told you to enforce the law’. No more excuses not to do anything.”
The 6 companies he requested earlier in March to sign an integrity pledge were KTS Group of Companies, Rimbunan Hijau, Samling, Shin Yang, Ta Ann and WTK Holdings Bhd.

No moves were forthcoming and it does seem that CM have to take the bull by its horn.

According to a political source Adenan can feel the under currents and it seems that there are forces going after his chair to destabilise his tenure and to shake him up. The source said,” The Rakyat are all for him with his frankness and his no nonsense approach and its a breadth of fresh air with him getting his fingers dirtied at the most crucial time of his administration.

The election is not too far away and Adenan is creating all the heat for the opposition. He needs to maintain it as such and he even calls for the Integrity pledge for his Ministers and Assistant Ministers.”

Our political source even went to the extend to say that the stern warning to the timber companies ,”not to mess with him” has send shivers amongst the people who are walking the corridors of power.

The tycoons will feel that they are in for “quite a ride” in the months ahead and they either have to toe the line or face the wrath of the Adenan’s administration.

Will they join the ride or ask for an “outside force ” or “enemy within”to ensure Adenan will not be so gung-ho and scoring direct hits to their vulnerable businesses?

The Pandora Box is opening and the key is still within reach of some who sees that their powers are slowly being sucked out from their very own eyes. The unknowing leaks from the state administration is beginning to show results and the powerful few are scratching their own faces with their finger nails. Ouch!!!



Adenan is doing it for a reason and it is going to be a surprise and those who are first in line to sign be it timber tycoons, ministers ,assistant ministers will have a good nights sleep.

Surely there is NO ENTRAPMENT here..? The Rakyat will applaud them for being True Sarawakian in spirit as they will uphold the State’s integrity and ready to fight corruption. This is a top notch move.


We are pretty sure that they will be more surprises in store for those walking the corridors of power and ensure that the opposition too will be caught off guard.
It has certainly started to ooze some blood from those walking the corridors of power and some are again looking over their shoulders.

More will come soon..Enjoy the ride

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