7 thoughts on “Extension of News that Thrills…

    • pdp says:

      Jangan Lupa slogan BN: BN= Barang naik, Bila naik, baru naik, berapa naik, banyak naik, barang akan naik lagi, B
      ravo Najib.

      • pdp says:

        Govt assets, investments,bonds and reserves of bank negara stand at RM 1.050 Triliion @ 1050 billion says pakar ekonomi . Macam Misa boleh bankrap ? GDP of Msia comes close to a trillion.
        Wonder why kerajaan so boros lah

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Holly COW….makcik tua nanceeee says that perkasa shitX3 I Bra Him ali katak burn bible no problem….no need to take action….SHIT X 2 kali 5…..

  2. pdp says:

    Nancy says burning bible speech by Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa is ” to defend Islam sanctity and base on Federal constitution.
    In such case one can say burning other faiths holy books by defending one religion which permissible by law of Nancy,
    Wonder where did she do her law degree ? U r just a disgrace to Sarawak as just seat warmer to window dressing your boss,UMNO BN.

    • pdp says:

      West Msia gets around 50 billion for infrastructure projects especially on highways whereas the 2 SS states get nuts. Anak tiri tulen kah ???

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