“PKR Lumut MP .What a Shame..!!”

pkr1Shameless and this should not have been brought up at PKR Congress..

This is what he said,”PKR’s Lumut MP Mohd Imran Abdul Hamid demanded that Putrajaya explain why similar tributes were not given to Malaysian soldiers who were killed in Lahad Datu or Lebanon. “It’s not that we are not satisfied but we see an excessiveness in mourning the victims of MH17,” he said while addressing PKR’s national congress this afternoon. “Our fighters in Lebanon and Lahad Datu are not accorded such ceremonies .

Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Mazlan said the Lahad Datu intrusion and the downing of MH17 were two different tragedies and should not be compared in such a simplistic manner. “It should not have been turned into an issue at all. Both are different cases.”

audie61 tweeted,”PKR Lumut MP other subjects instead of politicising excessive on honours 2 MH17.Newcastle fans 17 minute clap. The world griefs.”

Malaysia chronicle

It is a shame that PKR Lumut Member of Parliament chooses to use the recent national mourning ceremony for the victims of MH17 as a point to draw the sword upon on the government. It adds to yet another uncalled for kink on the armor of the opposition that is still reeling in agony over the Menteri Besar debacle.

The world mourned for the victims on board MH17. So did the Netherlands who accorded a national honor for the dead.

In Malaysia, businesses and the public services came together to demonstrate their united stand as the nation received the remains of the victims on our soil. Indeed, we have in doing so sent a stong message to the world of terror that Malaysia like all like-minded nations will never take this tragedy lightly until justice is measured out to the perpetrators of war.

Now for the Lumut MP to gripe over the national effort for the victims of MH17 and demand explanations why the same was not seen for the Lahad Datu soldiers who died on the line of duty, really stinks.

As the Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan rightly pointed out the government is justified in what it did with compassion, responsibility and sensibility. And the various ministries and their leaders who worked right through the long nights and days to see to the final journey of the remains of the MH17 victims deserve recognition, not gripping negativity.

The Malaysians who losts their lives in the #mh17 were all accorded the same ceremony and respect by our government and thus this should not be politicised at all by an MP from PKR. Its truly distasteful and shameful and mosts Malaysians will want some sort of action from the Pakatan coalition. 

17 thoughts on ““PKR Lumut MP .What a Shame..!!”

  1. pdp says:

    Most sinful ways of siphoning money from poor rakyat by UMNO cronies,Brahim’s Holding linked to Badawi
    Mas contract’s catering of 6.25 billion or 6250 million for 25 years,250 million per year or around RM 690000 per day.
    Rugi 10 billion for last 10 years,Macam mana tak bankrap ?. Siapa untung hanya Tuhan Saja Tahu ?
    Wang berdarah Rakyat sanggup dikoebankan utk mempertahankan Maruah WAU, Berbaloi kah ?

    • pdp says:

      Don’t ever utter Celaka to anyone,otherwise you will dragged to court for Akata Hasutan which seems to be a more poerful political weapon for Najib to suppress opposition.

  2. pdp says:

    Mas posted another 307 million loss in Q2,this year.Consequence of racist mentality business over merit mentality.
    Airasia is thriving, Mas is striving and ailing Why ?, what went wrong ?, whose faults ?. Ketuanan tak effisien kah ?

    • pdp says:

      RM 6,000,000,000 injection into ailing Mas an investment NOT Bailout,we expect to regain it back after 3 years, says najib. How many times ” 3 years back to profit ” has Mas say before ?? since 2002 RM 10,000,000,000 had been aided, today it still as remains a Critical Sick Patient.Business Ketuanan really exemplary.

  3. pdp says:

    After 57 years independence yet they are still many who hardly call themselves A Malaysian including Top leaders of nation.pathetic and embarrassing

      • Ho Ho Ho says:


  4. pdp says:

    Flying Jalur Gemilang high,singing few patriotic songs and shouting Merdeka numerous times loudly are just symbolic in celebrating merdeka.
    Most important is everything must from one’s heart and loyalty.
    A primary school boy placed his small Jalur Gemilang on his study desk through out the year, sounds he is more patriotic than any others.Right ?

  5. pdp says:

    Isn’t is sound seditious and racist ?, Zahid says non-muslims are now arrogant.
    Malays are paying the price of being to kind to them.
    The Malays allowed them to be indebted to us without needing them to pay it back.
    Dear minster think twice before you open your mouth for personal and political interests.
    Perhaps 1 Malaysia PM would agree to him after just day of of his Merdeka Fake Speech perhaps.

    • pdp says:

      Ismail Sabri , if all malays are united UMNO,Pas dan PKR,nobody dares to challenge and touches while forever Malays will hold political power for the benefits of Malay community as a whole,
      Well spoken.Many Malaysia or 1 Malaysia Malaypunya ???.

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