35 Ethnic Races “We Live in Unity and Harmony”


The chief minister said things were a bit different in the peninsula.

“In West Malaysia, there are  only three major races and a few indigenous people, but they never stop bickering. It is stupid.

“Here we have 35 races and yet we are very peaceful and live in unity and harmony,” he said at a Hari Raya gathering at Lundu Sport Complex yesterday.

Adenan said everyone should be thankful they could live in peace and harmony. They only have to look at the gruesome conflicts in the Middle East and in Africa to know what disunity and wars could bring.

“If we read the news or watch television, the Arabs, the Palestinians, and the Africans never stop killing each other. It is very bad.”


6 thoughts on “35 Ethnic Races “We Live in Unity and Harmony”

  1. pdp says:

    Hopefully it’s not only beautiful on surface and ugly beneath contradicting all the 1 slogans which was widely disseminated to the whole world while some even termed you pendatangs ” balik Cina or India.”

  2. pdp says:

    Top US medical university, John Hopkins cut ties with Msia Perdana U over money.
    Its tuition fees for the degree course is RM 1 million which very rare local students can afford.
    Msia supplied JPA students to fill up most of the seats.
    Tun Mahatir, its chancellor fails to response when contacted.

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