DAP only “Noisy Thunder” says CM Chief Political Secretary

saidolDAP Only “Noisy Thunder”
YB Abdullah Semop Assemblyman and Chief Political Secretary to Chief Minister  who is also Sarawak State Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club Chairman, said that year in and year out, what the people had witnessed and heard from DAP was plainly populist demands and idealism without any solid follow-up on the execution of their “artificial or bluffing” manifesto.

The majority of Sarawakians treat YAB CM’s announcement of his vision and mission as the GENUINE “lightning” and on the other hand DAP’s Action so far is just noisy “thunder”.

Abdullah Saidol joins in together with Fadillah Yusof, Dr.Stephen Rundi and Karim Hamzah who have taken turns to hit out strongly at DAP Chairman Chong Chieng Jen

6 thoughts on “DAP only “Noisy Thunder” says CM Chief Political Secretary

  1. pdp says:

    20 % request of oil royalty is just a dream that will never come true for Sawak and Sabah.
    Petronas explained lengths and breadth to Adenan .
    Budak sekolah nak minta duit dari Bapa Tiri

  2. pdp says:

    World Cup,anyway Brazil isn’t any brilliant as most predicted.
    Teras brilliant move might ends up with the same predicament as BARZIL.

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    umno islam is an evil religion ….pas is good islam….just look at what is happening to umno dogs…isma, perkasa and jais doing right now in malaysia….full of evil and shame

  4. pdp says:

    Untuk dikongsi semua,
    AirAsia dianugerahkn pernerbangan tambang murah terbaik buat kali ke 6 di dunia.
    Mas has a burn rate of 5 million per day and had lost around 9 billion for 6 years despite all crutches and aids from govt.
    Govt syndrome of denials,Ketuanan Melayu Business has failed.

  5. pdp says:

    Most disgraceful and shameful to all power and position crazy Swak politicians like Mawan and Wong Sk.
    Teras and Peace all shits around to confuse and mislead Penyokong buta huruf dan lagi Bodoh.asehole cleaners and balls lickers.

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