“Karim did not bargain for this..?”

kr11Karim Hamzah in his effort to stand behind his fellow party elders in Chief Minister Adenan Satem, Deputy President Abang Johari, SG Stephan Rundi, Asfia Awang Nassar (Speaker) and Wan Junaidi (Deputy Home Minister) seems to draw flak from other Sarawak BN component party members on TERAS.

Even Deputy Prime Minister Muhyddin said that he will leave it to the wisdom of the Chief Minister Adenan Satem  Surely, Karim with his vast knowledge of political system in Sarawak and as a former Chief Political Secretary and current PBB Supreme Council and Assistant Youth Minister knows what lies ahead.


Kenapa Karim bersungguh-sungguh untuk mempertahankan Parti TERAS sedangkan TERAS bukanlah komponen BN? Apakah Karim dan PBB adalah sebahagian dari TERAS yang menginginkan kehancuran Parti SPDP dan SUPP? Apakah ini sebahagian dari permainan
Karim draws many comments in Facebook too and some of the comments are :- This from Bicara Politik Sarawak Facebook Page.

Omaruddin Kadirmungkin ado yang nak jadi Hero….. dan menganggap diri nya hebat bilo berbuat sedemikian…. mengambil.kira masalah rumah tanga… Kalau dalam rumah tangga keberantakan jalan penyelesai adalah melalui org tengah…. Jika tidakpun ada usaha pihak pihak berfikiran rasional diberikan tanggongjawab dalam membantu jalan penyelesaian.. jika Plan A x berjaya Plan B.. jika semua tak berjaya… hahahahah let’s open fight masa election.. itu baruk tauk siapa pemimpin dan siapa rakyat…. Perlu ingat Org Politik x sama dgn Politik org…
2.Tok Anjang Gasak jak bala ktk ya,tapi mesti ingat,jgn main cakap jak, knek tuk dh nampak jua kita knk tuk dh xda satu hati gk, dh ada perkauman. Dh cdak yb knek tuk xda sefahaman lagi,habis mcm ney nak jadi pemimpin yg d segani, saya rasa mereka dh lama Sgt memegang jawatan wakil rakyat kot.

Abdulfattah AgusSpdp has not bn able to rectify their problem and Supp too has bn the biggest thorn in the flesh right at the nose!! Now if they are not able to do it, let others do it. PRS is also a products of problematic party. Instead of fishing in trouble water, give solution, instead you add problems! Can you read the move?

4 thoughts on ““Karim did not bargain for this..?”

  1. For years spdp n supp squables among themself and given time to solve their own problem without success. So now come teras as the final solution for the years of internal bickering and put a stop to all the problematic situation so all the ybs effected can serve the rakyat better. Spdp and supp should just accept the present reality that teras solved years of their internal bickering in one stroke.
    yb abdul karim is very much right in questioning the motive behind marger of mind thing supp spdp prs has formed… why left out pbb as a major bn party in the state….. despite what spdp and prs said still as a bn component parties the must seek the wisdom of bn chairman ts adenan happen to be pbb president…. the questions remain. … is prs spdp and supp sidelining pbb and indirectly declare war of pbb? And who among the 3 party leaders gain more? Its seem to me prs president is trying to be tge champian out of averything in sarawak nowadays. …

    • Asking spdp and supp to accept the present situation? Allow teras to bring their seats with them?
      Well, what cocking argument is that?
      The only way for teras to move in is to kill off spdp and supp by looking for ways and means to get the two parties deregistered. And that’s exactly what they are trying to do.

  2. Mas had a cash burn rate of around RM 5 million a day and had lost RM 5 billion since 2011-2013.
    Any more bailout from Poor Malaysians ????.

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