Muller got Pepe “Red Carded”

Germany v Portugal: Group G - 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilGermany could have walked all over Portugal with their efficient and systematic football. They are cruising at 2-0 and now with Pepe off the field the score stands at 3-0 halftime with 45 minutes to still to play in the 2nd half.

Was the sending off necessary.? The referee has once again taken the “limelight” and spoiled an encounter which will eventually be more than the 3-0 goals conceded.

The headbutt is the talking point as Pepe was seen to be in the heat of the battle giving Muller a mouthful which with his head moving downwards could certainly “hahahaha hurt Muller”.Sorry Muller you should be off too with your ‘Best actor award” as if being hit with a REAL HEADBUTT.

Germany is so much the better team and Portugal was made to look like a schoolboy team even though they had Ronaldo as their superstar.

Commentors and maybe his coach will blame Pepe for his stupidity but if there were playing they would have gone back to Muller and said,”Get up and don’t be so soft”

We picked this up from some comments which was posted,”

Who would’ve expected that Pepe would get sent off? Unthinkable.



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