28 Goals in 8 Games..

world cupThe 2014 World Cup is serving us all a feast of goals averaging 3 goals per game. The Highest scorers were the Netherlands with 5-1 when they astonishingly trounced 2010 World Champions 5-1. Mexico versus Cameroon was the only game with a solitary goal in which Mexico won scored by Oribe Peralta their top scorer in qualifying.

Cameroon coach Volker Finke said .”We have five days to recover, “We will analyse this together because the match against Croatia is very important if we want to stay alive.”

Every game is important and after the first game completion of Groups A to D the other groups E to H will take centre stage starting tonight with Switzerland taking on Equador in a group E match.

Lets just hope that the teams from Group E to H will also serve us with their entertaining brand of good football and goals a plenty.

It’s been an exciting World Cup 2014 so far with its fair share of upsets and astonishing results.

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