Spring-Cleaned…or Confused..??

When the portal printed the article  Baram MP: I’m not leaving SPDP or BN it stirred up the hornets nests. Some made phonecalls to the relevant key personnels who had made known their intentions to leave SPDP together with the MP. When we contacted them the answers were “Ask the MP himself”

Now,the million dollar question is whether there is any Truth in the report or have the MP for Baram made a 360 degrees roundturn. Anyway if he did we wish him well and hope he clarifies his stand clearer than,””You have to excuse me, I am new to politics,”


The extracted article

BN’s Baram MP Anyi Ngau today claimed that he is still with BN and the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and has not applied to join any other political party.

Anyi, a first-time MP, was present with a host of other Sarawak state and federal lawmakers who announced in a press conference in May that they were joining the newly formed party called Teras.

Former SPDP president William Mawan  was among those who announced his intention to join Teras.

“I support the stand of the new acting president of the SPDP (Tiong King Sing), and we are moving together as a BN team,” Anyi clarified in a press conference at the Parliament lobby.

However, Anyi was unable to answer when probed about his presence at the press conference where William and other lawmakers announced that they were joining Teras.

“Yes, I happen to be there, but let’s leave it at that, shall we?” he said, when pointed out that rumours about him quitting SPDP came about due to his presence at the press conference.

“You have to excuse me, I am new to politics,” he added.

He said even at the time when the press conference took place, he had “no intention” of leaving SPDP or BN

2 thoughts on “Spring-Cleaned…or Confused..??

  1. There lies the ingenuity of intention when selecting election candidate(s). Most Baram folks doubted that MP Anyi was ever a SPDB member likewise the other 4 who resigned from SPDP before all hell broke lose. Its an open secret that they are aligned to or more inclined toward PBB and found the comfort of PBB when they opted out. Possibly Mawan now found that its a losing game to lock horns with these 4 renegades and join arms with them.

  2. Ho Ho Ho
    Those idiots mais @ jais don’t want to return back the seized Bibles books they took back ILLEGALLY from Church in Peninsular Malaysia in Selangor and now wanna find trouble….olee shit…
    Ho Ho Ho

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