SMS and SUPP SG Statement

tegas236In anything we do there will always be some unhappy “souls” who will object to anything and also will put across their own personal views. It’s their divine right and we are glad that there are some engagement.

In the political front it does seem that the NEW ENTITY “TERAS” are facing objections from not only BN coalition partners but also from the opposition parties. Some are so bitter and have vented their frustrations directly to their respective Presidents. Some though are more cordial and realistic.

SWP after their SC meeting was unhappy that their deputy have not formally send his resignation but when some of the members met us they say,” he is our friend and we wished him well and he has everyright to serve his constituency in a new vehicle.”

The unhappiness can be seen by this sms,

“Tan sri, no matter what the consequences, we must stop Teras from making it into the coalition. ‘Someone up’ in the state is playing politics!! SUPP must go on – even if it means that we have to return to the Opposition as in the early days. As a last resort, if all means fails, the option should be to form a state-based opposition coalition with SWP and SPDP. If these people in authority don’t show us face then we take this drastic step and slug it out at the state polls.

The opposition front have this to say too,”Teras acceptance will be BN’s downfall, says DAP”


The facebook is also been used to inform all members that the party in SUPP is taking some actions before their SC meeting on Sunday.


SUPP strongly condemns the unilateral action of Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh,the former Chairman of SUPP Sibu Branch to quit SUPP and join PARTI TERAS in the press conference held at the New Council Negeri Building on 15 May, 2014, an action which is considered as a betrayal to the loyalty of SUPP and Barisan Nasional and to the constituents of Bawang Assan State Constituency who had elected him in the last State Election under BN/ SUPP ticket.

SUPP strongly opposes any application by PARTI TERAS to be admitted as a component Party of Barisan Nasional or even as a BN-Plus Formula. This is because the fundamental principle and agreement as provided in the Barisan Nasional Constitution that any decision of such application for admission to be a component Party of Barisan Nasional shall be unanimous.

SUPP wishes to state uncategorically that the unilateral action of Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh to join PARTI TERAS and still remaining as a State Cabinet Minister is against the spirit of Barisan Nasional Government.

As such, SUPP hereby demands Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh to resign as the State Assemblyman for Bawang Assan Constituency and as State Cabinet Minister honorably with immediate effect. SUPP considers Wong Soon Koh as a traitor to the Party who had decided to join PARTI TERAS unilaterally and also brought with him three other elected YBs from SUPP.

However, as a matter of principle, SUPP wishes to point out that all the four SUPP YBs who had decided to join the new PARTI TERAS cannot bring with them the four seats allocated to SUPP in the last State Election. Similarly, SUPP strongly states the party’s claim on our 19 State Seats and 7 Parliamentary Seats allocated to our Party. This is not negotiable.

On the other hand, SUPP welcomes the decision of YB Datuk Francis Harden and YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin to continue their political struggle in SUPP and party leadership hopes that they will continue to serve the people in the best interest of the Party and the State to face the new challenges ahead.

Meanwhile, SUPP appeals to all Party members to remain calm and to put their trust on the party’s central leadership to resolve the matter with the top leaders of Barisan Nasional component Parties as soon as possible.

Dated this 16th day of May, 2014

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