teras1Anyi Ngau will rejoin SPDP says Tiong according to an sms we received. SUPP top leaders are not too happy at the latest political manoeuvrings says our source.

Rumours are also piling up through smses,whatsapps and blogs asking mosts of the assemblyman to relinquish their posts as they won the seats through their parties. Also there are doubts of TERAS being accepted into BN.

This article from bernama will dispel all doubts wouldn’t it?

Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem today supported the Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak’s  (Teras) intention to join the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition and promised to help in the application process.

Adenan, who is also Sarawak BN chairman, said he welcomed Teras’s willingness to work closely with the state BN.

“I will inform the prime minister on this development,” he told a media conference after meeting with Members of Parliament and state assemblymen from the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) and Sarawak Workers Party (SWP), who quit their respective parties to join Teras in his office at Wisma Bapa Malaysia in Kuching today.

However, he said, at present there was no necessity for a cabinet reshuffle. The group was led by SPDP former president Tan Sri William  Mawan Ikom who quit SPDP yesterday to join Teras.

Also in the group were former SUPP Sibu branch chairman Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh, who is also Bawang Assan state assemblyman and three other SUPP state assemblymen, Datuk Dr  Jerip Susil (Bengoh), Ranum Mina (Opar) and Johnicol Rayong (Engkilili).

Baram Member of Parliament Anyie Ngau and four SPDP state assemblymen – Datuk Sylvester Entri Muran (Marudi), Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Tasik  Biru), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau) also joined Teras.

Pelagus state assemblyman George Lagong from SWP also quit the opposition party to join Teras.

Mawan said the courtesy call was to reaffirm their support and loyalty to Adenan’s leadership as Sarawak chief minister and Sarawak BN chairman.

During the meeting, they also sought Adenan’s advice on the party’s direction.

“We will officially submit our application to join BN soon,” said Mawan, who is also state Social Development Minister as well as Saratok Member of Parliament and Pakan state assemblyman.

Meanwhile in Miri, Adenan’s decision to support Teras’s application to join BN left SUPP president Tan Sri Peter Chin fuming.

He said the party, being loyal to its BN partners through thick and thick, should be consulted first before any decision was being made.

“Why sacrifice principle for convenience,” he told reporters after chairing the party’s Bekenu, Lambir, Piasau, Pujut and Senadin branch meeting tonight.

In another development, Chin said, the party might bring foward to an earlier date the 23rd SUPP Triennial Delegates Conference, which was originally scheduled to be held from August 23-24 this year, in view of the latest political development.

“It will be discussed in the Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting this Sunday,” he said adding that technically the four SUPP members who announced their intention to join Teras were still SUPP members as no resignation letters from them has been received so far.  – Bernama, May 16, 2014.

– Bernama, May 16, 2014.


  1. prs says:

    Kumpulan yang tak beretikal,berintegriti dan berpriinsip itu adalah PENGKHIANAT Besar kepada penyokong parti.
    Rakyat dipermainkan dan lebih mengedihakn lagi dperbodohkan demi kepentingan diri sendiri.

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