“18 out of 20 Voted for No Confidence…??”

spdp-wanita The 25 Supreme Council members who are against the readmission of the G4 had something up their sleeve. The diversion tactic they used to penetrate the stronghold of the President William Mawan in Saratok did not materialise. They turned to the youth and wanita wings who are aligned to them and moved their cards.

They wanted to corner the President with both wings to call for a No confidence vote failing which they will push for an EGM(extra ordinary meeting) They have used up mosts of their resources available in the constitution to push forward. The news/media have followed the Chief Ministers gag order so it seems as the editors blanketed the news the following day. Wanita 20 out of 25 turned up. Youth 11 out of 25 turned up. Wanita managed to get 2/3rd support.. So here goes.

What happened at the 18th floor of the Riverside Majestic Hotel and at the 3rd Floor? The “undercovers” in charge of politics were present and so were other bloggers. The Wanita Wing and Youth Wing Chief might be lawyers in their own right but they too know that when it comes to a BN Component President the ruling government will leave no stones unturned.

Our insider source said that the whole meeting was recorded and its now being kept in a SAFE PLACE.

They should have made used of the Party headquarters in Badruddin in Kuching shouldn’t they? Their actions shows they don’t even trust their Headquarters which according to ours source belongs “very much” to the Deputy President as he FINANCED the construction of the office.( no need for details here)

So what transpired. We received a comprehensive report from our wanita innsider and youth over just a cup of ‘TEH TARIK” .

Should we say more..?

Its also being covered by two internet blogs 1.( https://whizzekidgal.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/3-peguam-terhandal-di-sayap-wanita-spdp-chiew-wendy-theresa/) 2.( http://melayustampin.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/dear-lawyers-in-spdp-women-wing-are-you-trying-to-say-adenan-has-no-system/)  and now its no more a secret that they are INDEED forces within SPDP moving to oust the President who himself is a Vice President of BN Malaysia.

These so called party members are so daring that they have defied the instructions of the State BN leadership.

This is in a way good for the party and BN and it will be seen that those who are against the G4 will be made to look from the outside. Clearly it means they should justs leave the BN coalition as they are not looking at what the State Barisan Nasional leadership has in mind. It goes beyond and above PERSONAL AGENDA.

BN Sarawak in 2016 will be going for PRN11 and the CM Sarawak will need to ensure that SPDP a rural based ,dayak majority and multi racial party remains strong and ready to take on the opposition in the 8 seats allocated. SPDP losts two seats in Ba’kelalan and Krian and it is the party and the CM’s wish to wrestle the two losts seats. Moreover the 4 YBs are seen as plus pointers for BN Sarawak and their movement back and admission to the SPDP will remove a very THORNY ISSUE.

SPDP has its quota of 8 seats and its only WINNABLE candidates which will be fielded. Those who have gone against them have their own personal agendas to be “candidates” to replace them. If one is good enough why should one be afraid of them? it justs goes to show insecurity and a no confidence on the part of the detractors and trying to play politics at the “worst possible time” when the Chief Minister Adenan just took office. CM Adenan has been overseeing the administration less than 100 days and they are already defying and trying to rattle the BN/SPDP President who is also a Senior Minister in the State Cabinet.

We still have some more write but if we reveal all we would defy CM Adenan’s gag order. The 18 out of 20 Vote of No confidence is ‘somewhat serious” and needs to be addressed with due care. One member even dared to say,”I am big strong and and I have nothing to fear” .Many were also caught “surprised” when she used a “gungho style” of banging on the table directed to a lady political secretary to the Chief Minister. Luckily the political secretary calmed herself and walked away from the argument.

  • Is this how an exco SPDP Wanita should behave?
  • Who is she?
  • Shouldn’t they be some decorum?
  • Shouldn’t BN be looking over their shoulders?

The 2% reconcialtion window is still there and the Sarawak Barisan Nasional leadership will use all options to ensure SPDP remains very much a BN coalition and will assist to render advises without interferences. Of course as the President says,”I am a cool man but of course it will also reach boiling point at some time” Surely the Sarawak BN will do its utmosts to stop the flames from engulfing further.

The BN leadership knows bests…………………………………………….

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One thought on ““18 out of 20 Voted for No Confidence…??”

  1. Kaypoh Kaypoh Kaypoh says:

    Is the Wanita Wing registered as separate entity already or not? Otherwise just shut up.

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